Fola Global, Inc. A new face of MLM this time of pandemic

Published · Saturday, April 17, 2021 09:28 AM

Multi-Level Marketing is still in this pandemic time, as a matter of fact a new company called “Fola Global Inc” recently launch and introduce their innovative products, that they believe a need or should we say essential at the moment, they are venturing into providing science based products, and at the same time giving you financial freedom.

Founders and CEO of Fola Global Inc. Mr. Jerwin Operio and Mr. David Charles Lui

During its launch, the management team is empowered by the fact that there is a high unemployment rate everywhere, and people are doom in paying tantamount of bills from electricity, telecommunications and even some online sites and apps we used in working from home, have subscriptions and dues to settle.

FOLA Global Inc. is a revolutionary and sustainable multi-level marketing Filipino company founded by entrepreneurs David Lui, Fred Hui, Jerwin Operio, and Dr. Adrian Ng. It has a vision of creating a community full of leaders and entrepreneurs sharing the opportunity of good health, financial freedom, and advantageous lives globally. The company distributes high quality science-based health products which will lead in creating a rewarding financial opportunity for independent associates, shareholders, and employees,”

Fola is an African word literally mean “Forward” and that’s what we need right now to move ahead and escape this crisis we are all in. Fola main mantra is to change lives of its people mainly targeting students, housewives, Overseas Filipino Workers, employed or even unemployed.

“The company’s goal is to be an eye opener to people regarding entrepreneurial mindset by producing a sustainable and profitable company. Your plans are the start of the big picture you have been thinking: Fola can help you prepare for it. Also, it generates an environment of great services and products that will lead them to the top spot of MLM companies in the world,”

Fola Global Inc. will soon have a major grand launch, they will soon announce a big deal partnership with Family Mart, to which members will definitely gain big-time in joining them.

“The brand is the corporate image of the company as a whole. Fola Global is a continuously expanding multi-level marketing company that serves a wide range of products —over-all wellness, heart health, skin health, and more. The company is considered as one of the top distributors of these products in the Philippines, under its laws and regulations. t is a company full of ambition and desire to be free from everything that sets them behind. Just like you, Fola is goal driven and persistent,” Fola Global Inc official statement says.

Top of the line products of FOLA GLOBAL INC.:

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