A cheesy family reunion? Danes Cheese’s hilarious new ad will have you on the edge of your seats

Published · Monday, May 31, 2021 09:19 AM

Danes Cheese is back with yet another commercial dripping with dry humor, this time with not just one Danes mascot, but four! 

Last year, the Danes Cheese with Real Bacon Bits mascot made his debut in a series of ads.  Who can forget his deadpan delivery of punchlines—and of course his favorite response, “Bacon yan.”

As it turns out, there’s a whole Danes Cheese cinematic universe, featuring their new flavors like Herb & Garlic, Chili Cheese, and Sweet & Creamy Cheese.

Looks like Daddy Danes has a lot of explaining to do….

Watch the family reunion unravel (plus how Mommy Bacon reacts): https://fb.watch/5MxJPcP6Pu/

What starts out as nothing more than a regular grocery run, ends up in a funny altercation as the Danes Cheese children bump into their long lost father with his real family in a parking lot.


Coincidentally, each of the children has a tattoo of his mother on his back—a subtle nod to the first ad of Danes Cheese with Real Bacon Bits.

This might not be the last we’ll hear from the family, so stay updated by following Danes Cheese on FB at https://www.facebook.com/danescheeseph. Better yet, try all four different Danes flavors now!

Danes Cheese is also available on Lazada and Shopee.

 The Danes film series was created in collaboration with independent ideas agency, GIGIL.

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