Takoyaki, Belgian Waffle and Crepe Making

February 27, 2021

9 Anonas Rd, Project 3 1102 Quezon City


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Takoyaki, Belgian Waffle and Crepe Making Seminar Set

The Golden Treasure Skills and Developing Program will conduct a one-day seminar on how to make Takoyaki, Belgian Waffle, and Crepe.

Takoyaki is one of the famous street food in Japan that nowadays is also becoming an accessible business here in the Philippines. And through this seminar, participants will learn the essential ingredients, procedures, materials, utensils, equipment needed to make takoyaki balls and make it their business.

Also, the seminar will focus on the necessary knowledge, recipes, and ingredients to use in making Belgian waffles using the waffle maker machine. You will also learn how to make the Crepe batter. Right mixture and how to cook the Crepe using Electric Crepe Maker.

At the Seminar, participants will have an actual demo, a food tasting experience on how to make takoyaki balls, Belgian waffles, and crepe, and details on how to make it fancy-looking and appealing to the eye. The endless possibilities you can create to make waffles and crepes look indulgent and fun eating.

The other topics of the seminar will also include sourcing of materials, costing, and marketing strategies.

Seminar fee inclusions:

- Certificate

- Handout

- Materials/ingredients

- Lunch and PM snacks


Limited to 10 participants only

We will not accept walk-ins.

Registration is ongoing!

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9 Anonas Rd, Project 3 1102 Quezon City
February 27, 2021