Rise of Zion Grand Launches its E-Commerce Business Solutions to Help Filipino Entrepreneurs

Published · Tuesday, January 28, 2020 10:47 AM

E-commerce is still remain the easiest business to set up even at your own comfort, and income is fast that you can imagine. As long as you have a good products to sell, everything will come smoothly. And that is one goal of Zion Trading & E-Commerce Business Solutions. Last January 25, 2020, Zion Trading and E-Commerce Business Solutions launches its biggest and most helpful business solution "Rise of Zion," which held at The Lord's Flock Catholic Charismatic Community Cathedral in West Avenue, Quezon City. 

Zion is derived from the scriptures which represents the city of Jerusalem among the Jews with a promise of restoration from loss and devastation of their lives and country after series of invasions and attacks during the war-thorn ancient days. It also represents the Mountain of God among the Judeo-Christian Faith that connotes of a better life state enjoying God's abundance, protection and assurance of salvation. These were the powerful spiritual lessons and inspirations of a young woman who, having been raised as an active member of the Lord's Flock Catholic Charismatic Community while facing life's tough challenges has seen a bigger God-given vision in her life. Raised in a challenging family environment of four siblings being the eldest, she was forced to explore extra income by selling candies and other stuff during her student days. Little did she know that this would lead to her entrepreneurial journey to give and live a better life for her family.

Mr. Jonathan Torres (Chief Marketing & Sales Officer of Rise of Zion), Ms. Margaux Tapiador (CEO & President Rise of Zion) and Mr. Richard Bonifacio (Chief Operating Officer, Rise of Zion)

Zion Founder and CEO Ms. Fostine Margaux Tapiador fondly known as " Charmie" during its launching recently tell her hardships and success story. She had hit rock bottom growing in poverty and the burden of being the breadwinner to help her mom. She pursued nursing major and career but was really against her will as she dreamed of becoming a flight attendant traveling the world. While practicing her profession, her entrepreneurial drive continues doing direct selling and MLM business on the side from 2011-2013. It was a painful struggle knowing that deep within her she can be more and do more. She left home and the nursing profession to be more independent. Succeeded at one point earning her first million registering her first Company as a Sole Proprietor. Powerbank was one of her first item sold from P1,500 to an income of 60K selling online. Adding later on some electronic gadgets and the list of possible products went on until owning many Online stores in different e-commerce platforms. These further discoveries paved the way to set up her own company Zion Trading and E-Marketing Solutions.

Ms. Tapiador envisions her company to grow exponentially faster, she also has a personal mission of helping Kidney patients and producing 1 million scholars in her lifetime as her personal advocacy and corporate social responsibility. She added further that Zion will have its own building in three years in order to produce more Filipino E-compreneurs and serve as many customers as they can. Her passion and motivation to help others is clear in her vision now, that is why along with other partners they decided to headline e-commerce as the future in doing business. “I started the business with a small capital, believe it or not I only got P2,000, and I am 7 years already in the industry.” Tapiador said.

Rise of Zion, the business model is different from the usual online selling we know in many platforms we have now in social media, they want to build a strong community of sellers equipped with proper knowledge, and that is why they add services with extensive training, to give adequate expertise to all those who will sign up to them. Tapiador clarify that they are not the usual multi-level marketing or networking company, they are more on empowering vendors, and with Rise of Zion they also offer micro financing loan from P7,000 up to P20,000 to help them start.

“Ang Zion hindi katulad ng Shopee or Lazada na platform, Ang ino-ooffer ng Zion ay business explosion and services, we have health and beauty products, and we have our own manufacturing plant, and nakakatulong kami sa mga nag-e-ecom na gustong magkaroon ng branches sa murang halaga, and we also have Travel E-commerce, and micro financing, talagang problema ng mga nag negosyo ay kinakapos ng capital.” Tapiador explained.

Among their products are unique and one of a kind, like Muriatic Acid that has strawberry scent, tissue with collagen & Gluta and many more.

NAX Gluta Tissue

1. Glutathione; helps skin lighten, smoothen, and provides anti-aging benefits.  

2. Vitamin C; boosts collagen production to give firmer skin.

3. Hyaluronic Acid; reduces fine lines and wrinkles while retaining moisture to the skin.

4. Alpha Arbutin; helps to create new skin cells, reducing melanin pigmentation and it does not cause allergic reactions to UV rays.

5. Zinc Oxide; protects skin from UVA and UVB. It also helps to reduce inflammation and irritations, and helps to destroy bacteria.

6. Glycerine; hydrates the skin and contains non-alcoholic cleanser to remove bad odor.

7. Aloe Vera; Reduces dark spots, scars, redness and sunburns and helps maintain healthy glowing skin.

8. Collagen; Revitalizes skin elasticity, tone, and firmness.

9. Tea Tree Oil; removes dry and dead skin cells. Its anti-acne, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties relieve itching, redness and burning sensations.

NAX Tissue Colla

1. Used instead of roll-on.

2. It kills bacteria by silver ion. no alcohol.

3. Can use as brand name fragrant.

4. Decrease sweating and bad smells stimulation.

5. Contains collagen, mainly pipetide molecules, to help in rejuvenating and make skin smoother and more flexible.

6. Ease skin appendages that cause from remaining dead skin cells, or grating from movement or cosmetice/ chemical/ amylase irritation, at the area like bikini line, lips, and elbows.

7. Called papain, which helps to make hair pores smaller and destroy glands.

8. Contains lycopene from tomato to help the skin look natural pink.

CHER Water Jelly Serum

1. Provide hydration deep within the skin.

2. Reduce freckles and wrinkles.

3. Improve radiance and increase lifting effect.

4. Increase collagen and lifting effect.

5. Break down dark skin pigment and brightens skin.

6. Prevents acne and reduce acne scars.

7. Control excess sebum

ZION TRADING & E-MARKETING SOLUTIONS - We Exist to Build Better Lives . . .


For inquiries, please contact RISE OF ZION at (02) 7746-0058 / (0917) 436-2213. Email at ziontradingandmarketing@gmail.com. Or you may visit Zion Trading & E-Marketing Business Solutions office at Unit 302 #F Jollibee Plaza Bldg. F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center Pasig City.    

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