Black Canvas’ “Weight of Words (WOW)” A New Theater Piece Exploring The Power of Words

Published · Monday, May 20, 2019 01:23 PM

Our words create our world! This is the philosophy behind Black Canvas’ “Weight of Words (WOW),” a new theater piece exploring the power of words. WOW rediscovers and reflects how words transform us, how they can inspire or destroy us and how they can renew hope in this chaotic world.

Everyday, we encounter news of death, war and other crimes. While we cope with these adversities by expressing ourselves online, we still witness the growing culture of hate and bullying spreading around our world- in schools, government and in different communities. WOW aims to rekindle our respect for words to become better speakers and listeners to each other, promoting empathy and love.

It features a solo performance by Black Canvas’ founder Abner Delina Jr., an actor (Batibot/Gloc-9 Sirena), director and arts education advocate. His passion for devised theater brought him to the global stage for “Beautiful Trauma”, a collaboration by various Asian artists showcased at the Tokyo Festival 2018. Bringing together young artist- collaborators Mark Dalacat (Art Direction), Joyce Garcia (Video Projections) and Joshua Tayco (Sound Design), in collaboration with artist-teachers Issa Manalo Lopez (Direction Consultant), Jared Jonathan Luna (Movement) and Olive Nieto (Dramaturgy), this performance will also present perspectives on the issues of bullying and mental health. 

Black Canvas, a young multi-arts platform promoting creative collaboration, has produced original works tackling gender, relationships and interconnectedness such as “I, Label”, “Werk in Progress” and the Aliw Award Finalist (Best Duo and Best Direction), “Kyemestry.” For “Weight of Words”, the company’s dream is to bring people together and remind each other of our inner power- poetry, magic and the healing powers of words.”

Inspired from the book published by CANVAS (Center for Art, New Ventures and Sustainable Development), this multi-perspectival multi-media theater piece created for millennials explores how words affect our lives and the world we live in. Weight of Words invites you for its premiere at the PARC Foundation Blackbox on May 31 (8PM), June 1-2 (4PM & 8PM), and Pineapple Lab on June 15 (5PM & 8PM) and 16 (4PM & 8PM). For ticket reservations, contact the PARC Foundation at 09953078428, Pineapple Lab at, Ticket2Me at For additional inquiries, contact the Black Canvas Facebook Page.

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