Urbanessence Beauty and Wellness Center Spa, Your Oasis to Wellness

Published · Wednesday, February 10, 2021 09:20 AM

We are reading a lot of articles about mental health issues that rise this pandemic, either you or one of your friends suffer a lot of insecurities and thoughts on what lies in the future, on how all of us will battle this unseen enemy, the COVID-19.

But we should not forget, taking care of our body as well being is also a must in order for us to have immunity, boosting yourself with essential vitamins and food will make us healthy and proud, that we can fight this virus.

When we say we take care of yourself, it brings the idea of going to spa and having those relaxing massage, different treatment that energize not only our skin but our soul because it builds up confidence on how we face tomorrow.

As we all know, Spa and other derm clinic have limited operations today due to many safety protocols needed to follow for our own protection, some are in full business depending on the status of its location, while some areas remain close due to crisis we are in.

That’s why Urbanessence Spa don’t want to let you suffer from that, they understand your need in the work from home set up, they want to reecho their services through skin care products that you can use while at home, and will give best results just like you experience in their spa.

To give you the best skin care at home, Urbanessence package their products in three variants, the Pinkish Glow set, Collagen Snail Face Serum and the UA set.

Their Pinkish Glow Set that all have FDA approved and formulated by experts for safe use in all skin type, it has toner, tomato soap and some face cream all Korean inspired to achieve whitening to the highest level. The Collagen Snail Face Serum is best for skin brightening, skin tightening, anti-aging and anti-acne, it is recommended for daily morning and evening use.

The UA sets have underarm whitening product that includes deodorant spray, soap and cream also for regular use.

Urbanessence Spa is a health and wellness spa in Quezon City started in 2015 that offer high quality services such as body massages and other skin treatment and therapies. It is not an ordinary spa center because their expertly crafted products and holistic treatments are design for the specific needs of their clients, carried out by their highly trained and professional spa therapists.

For more details, and to order their products contact and message them in their Urbanessence Beauty and Wellness Center Spa Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/urbanessencespa/

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