Treat Your Mom With The Best! Five Incredible Mother’s Day Dishes From Locavore

Published · Tuesday, May 09, 2017 01:02 PM

Mother’s Day is soon approaching and already, restaurants all over Manila are scrambling in order to provide mom with a well-deserved meal with her family on her special day.

While most establishments will offer your standard, Sunday fare of a respectable three-course meal, served with a light salad and glass of sparkling white wine, very few restaurants defy culinary conventions in order to serve mothers everywhere food they would actually want.

Enter: Locavore! Since its arrival to the Kapitolyo food scene just a couple years ago, Locavore has become a stand out in the community through its commitment to using locally grown and raised food, and most importantly, to its incredible menu that showcases re-imagined Filipino favorites.

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than treating her with the dishes she loves the most? Let’s take a look at five great dishes from Locavore that are perfect for Mother’s Day!

Kinilaw Platter – This savory collection of pickled seafood and produce is a great start to any meal. Sample an assortment includes Kalibo Oysters, Tuna, Tanigue, and Fresh River Shrimp.

Lechon & Oyster Sisig – Locavore takes this beloved Kapampangan favorite to new culinary heights. Fresh oysters and lechon are mixed together before being introduced to a generous coating of chicken liver mayo. Simply sinful!

Luglog – East meets West in this ingenious interpretation of another classic. Glass noodles and Bisque made from shrimp, squid, and chicharron turn this merienda staple into a hearty and savory dish.

Sizzling Sinigang – The Sizzling Singang is one of Locavore’s signature dishes and for reason! It’s another playful and inventive spin on a Filipino staple that incorporates beef short ribs with a stunning sampaloc gravy that compels an extra order of rice! 

Sugpo con Mayonesa – Another Locavore favorite, this dish it perfect for anyone looking for an alternative to meat. Jumbo Black Tiger prawn sautéed in aligue, garlic, butter, and Japanese mayonnaise, this seafood treat is sure to heighten the senses.

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