Third Edition of The Life Drawing Session Philippines Marked by Success

Published · Thursday, July 20, 2017 09:55 AM

Another successful event hosted by Pens N' Brushes Philippines was held last July 15, 2017 at Penbrothers, one of the biggest coworking spaces in Manila.

With its theme "Art the Carnival", participants were welcomed by a mini carnival interior set-up arranged by emerging interior design company, Detalye Design Group, while the session was initiated by a contemporary monologue performed by Joseph Montecillo of Comedy Cartel -  the country's pioneer of Point-of-View Stand-Up Comedy.

The entire session was divided into 3 sets where male and female model filled up the first two, executing 5, 10, 15 and 20-minute long poses and the final set consisted of couple poses that lasted for 30 minutes. During intervals, participants were treated with light snacks and refreshments that made it more relaxing and allowed every participant to interact with other guests and learn new techniques from each other.

Faber-Castell Philippines once again supported the local artists and events like The Life Drawing Session by providing their top-notch art materials that guests can freely use. The event was wrapped up with an impressive spoken word poetry performed by Angela Pamaos of Lapis ArtCorm followed by the "Show & Tell" segment wherein everyone laid out their artworks on the platform for a source of art inspiration.

Since Pens N' Brushes launched its first event last March, the event gathered huge followers because of its unique approach by offering everyone a chill and relaxing vibe. Though it is an uninstructed life drawing meet-up, it allowed every guest to practice their skills in whatever medium they are comfortable with and socialize with other artists across different levels. A number of first-time attendees proved the session to be unintimidating but fun and exciting learning ground.

About Pens N' Brushes

Pens N' Brushes is an art event management company founded by Singapore-based professionals in 2016. Composed by enterprising comrades specialising in marketing, planning and the visual arts, Pens N' Brushes aims to promote the local art scene in the Philippines and Singapore through hosting a series of drawing and art-related sessions.

In cooperation with its material and media partners, the group has successfully inspired virtuosos and amateur artists to further their skills in a fun, casual set-up. 

Each art session is layered with a unique orchestration of tasteful entertainment, creative stage design, emotive poses and art product features.

Pens N' Brushes ventures to amplify the love for art in an open, free-spirited platform.

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