Private Matters Solution with Ecovag and Hydenex

Published · Friday, February 05, 2021 06:46 PM

Taking care of our body is a daily routine each of us is obliged to do every day, such as brushing our teeth and taking a bath, as the saying goes, cleanliness is next to godliness. But no matter what we keep those routine, there’s always some things we left behind sometimes.

Just like taking care of our private parts, yes the genitals in particular that also needs attention to add to our healthy living. Even it is hidden, during me time it is important we listen to our genitals, that extra care is indeed needed.

For ladies, having a fresh and good smelling vagina is a big factor and it really empower one self’s especially if you are active in your sexual activities, the more it smells good the long lasting impression you will leave to your partner.

Admit it, it is a plus factor to any performances in bed that both of you will enjoy because of you have that great smell in your down under, the ladies vagina is one prone to that especially during menstruation period.

The latest solution we know that can solve these kind of scenarios is ECOVAG, a vaginal capsule that you can put inside your hole whenever you want to feel fresher, its content is composed of Lactobacillus Gasseri and Lactobacillus Rhannsonus, all natural flora ingredients that helps fights vaginal odor. Ecovag is available in leading drugstore with no doctor’s prescription needed.

The ECOVAG vaginal capsule product is applied for as a natural remedy for prevention and treatment of imbalance in the natural bacterial flora of the vagina. Using this pill make sure the hands must be properly washed before inserting vaginal capsule into the vagina, the capsule is inserted as high as possible into the vagina by using one finger. It should be in a lying position for 30 minutes to 1 hour at bedtime.

Ecovag as a PROBIOTIC is to help to maintain or re-establish a normal microbial flora in the vagina, with a protective effect and defense against invading pathogen bacteria. It is indicated for prevention and treatment of imbalance in the natural bacterial flora of the vagina.

If there is a private matter for women, here comes the one for men one can enjoy with prescription, to have that enjoyable erection, and that is Hydenex, another medical capsule with Sildenafil Citrate that also helps in lowering your blood pressure, it is science and expertly study to have that ultimate erection function like a flag pole, but again this needs doctor’s prescription in order to buy from pharmacy.

In the world today according to study, 95,000 are experiencing erection failure resulting to bad sex life activities that can also develop into broken relationship. With Hydenex an oral therapy for erectile dysfunction that contain citrate salt of sildenafil, a selective inhibitor of cyclic guanosine monophosphate specifically phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), it relaxes smooth muscle, vasodilation that leads to increase blood flow and gets synthesized with odorous inputs.

HYDENEX inhibits the release of PDE5 during sexual stimulation, erection will happen and sustain it, plus improves performance in bed.  Some precautions in taking this pill, atleast 30 to 60 minutes before intercourse; foreplay is encouraged, take HYDENEX with empty stomach for easier absorption; drink ample water…avoid taking it with alcoholic drinks. Take 2 tablets of HYDENEX 50 mg for full erection; 1 tablet can be considered…the gentleman can customized it according to best results. NEVER take with NITRATES!

Just some friendly advice, consider foreplay to maximize effect of PDE5 inhibition and full-hard erection. Do not attempt to overdo lovemaking even after the first ejaculation to avoid over-exhaustion…may trigger vascular complications– DO NOT over-perform/impress. Use of HYDENEX can give you extra erection power to once again enjoy the full satisfying effect of sex

Zeus Resources, Inc. from Valenzuela City is the official supplier of Ecovag and Hydenex in the Philippines, they have a business center in Ortigas center and available in all Mercury Drug branches nationwide.

Manufactured by a Danish pharmaceutical company, Ecovag is price at P1,620 for one canister that contains 10 capsules.  While Hydenex can be best buy at P60 per tablet and it is available in 25mg and 50mg.

So to best enjoy the coming Valentine’s Day celebration with your love one, we suggest Ecovag for ladies and Hydenex for men.  For more details check and .

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