The Finale of Antrosininglaya's "Ang Walang Katapusang Sequel: Episode 7: Ang Katapusan" on June 24 & 25

Published · Wednesday, June 14, 2017 10:54 AM

Antrosininglaya follows through on their viral web series Ang Walang Katapusang Sequel to give us the live finale Episode 7: Ang Katapusan. The performance treads on the subject of love, giving light to the different sides and stories within a relationship; it’s foundation, climaxes, downfall, and reconciliations. Currently, the total view of our episodes reach up to 9 million views and almost 20 million organic reached. Along with the views, we can see that the audience is really engaged through the number of shares and comments. Even through Twitter and Instagram, posts quickly gather reach and interactions.

SYNOPSIS: Situated in a wedding, Ang Walang Katapusang Sequel web series will officially end in the moment of exchanging of vows, promises of love, and devotion of commitment. The series duration of 6 online episodes closes at Episode 7: Ang Katapusan for the things that should end, before you completely begin. Love is a phase, love is committing; and in love, we sometimes need to say goodbye. Everything will happen on the day of the wedding where Francis and his best friends reflect on the past events before they get to the part of the wedding. Episode 7 will be performed in an actual wedding ceremony giving you a unique experience of being invited on the wedding of the year. From the exchange of vows, wedding toast, first dance, catering, to souvenirs, we assured our viewers to not just be an audience but guests of the lovely couple. But the question is: who will be the couple? Will Francis choose Jen; the one that fills what you need? Or Reede; the person who you built your memories and completed you?

Witness Francis and Japet as they relive Francis and Reede’s relationship, and recount the moments leading to the much awaited wedding. Francis and Japet also share their thoughts on love, their realizations after everything they have been through. We get to see how every character changes throughout their journey. The play will be set in the moments before and during the wedding placing the audience to be seated as guests at the event. They will be able to watch the scenes close up and feel as if they are part of the celebration.

There are always two sides to a story. The play tries to shed light on both sides of a seemingly one sided story, letting the characters tell explain and ponder on the events that have unfolded. Episode 7: Ang Katapusan will show us that in

love, right and wrong is always circumstantial.


For tickets contact Celestine at (0977) 760-2256 or send us a message through our Facebook Page

Venue: Focus 7, Green Sun Hotel, Makati City

Show dates: June 24, 2017 (3pm and 8pm) June 25, 2017 (3pm and 8pm)

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