Teatro Komunikado Celebrates Its 17th Theater Season by Showcasing Six Original One-act Plays

Published · Friday, November 16, 2018 04:30 PM

The premier theater and production organization of PUP – College of Communication, Teatro Komunikado, announces that Mazkara Festival officially comes back on December 6 and 7 at the Communication Foundation of Asia – Lagerway Hall, Old Sta Mesa Street, Sta. Mesa Manila. Teatro Komunikado.

Mazkara Festival 2018 is the theater festival of Teatro Komunikado which serves as the culminating activity for the members who underwent series of workshops. With the help of Teatro Komunikado Alumni Association, this year’s festival promises to show stories that we all can relate and will not fail to entertain.

The festival’s six featured plays are:

1. Magnum Opus

written by: Marck Ryan Cidro

directed by: Al-jhun Virgo

Gwen is a film writer who wants the film to stick with the original script, but a flamboyant director and a naggy producer have different plans for it. Will their contradicting ideas lead to catastrophe or will it be a masterpiece? Join us as we take you to a production set that guarantees to make you laugh and appreciate the work behind the camera.

2. Due Date

written by: Al-jhun Virgo

directed by: Hazel Mabana

Lyn and Ryan are live-in couples for three years. But the relationship they have might come to its conclusion after the due date of their apartment bill reveals their concealed feelings for each other.

3. Tong Hits

written by: Al-jhun Virgo and Kisha Padron

directed by: Jepperson Francisco

In the middle of the wake of their ‘kumare’, three Titas of Slums in Manila, Lorna, Margie and Yoli, plays Tong Hits. Get ready to gag as these hilarious women with big personalities gamble and turn the wake into a comical riot.

4. Personal Appearance

written by: Al-jhun Virgo

directed by: Albert Soliot

To apply for a passport you must have accomplished the application form, birth certificate, government-issued ID and personal appearance. In a scheduled appointment, three passport applicants who are eager to have a fortunate life abroad, reveals the tough decisions and situations they have to endure for their loved ones.

5. Ang Huling Hapunan

written by: Joshua Carvajal and Marck Ryan Cidro

directed by: Joshua Carvajal

A family drama that expresses the love of a mother to her child. Having their final supper together is Minda and Lenlen, moments before Minda chooses the most difficult decision of her life that will change her life and daughter’s life forever.

6. Koleksyon

written by: Marvea Quisay and Rea Macalandag

directed by: Marvea Quisay

Alex expresses her feelings through paintings. However a hidden collection of paintings unravels. Together with the dark secrets behind the ‘collection’, her relationship with her new girlfriend, Janine may be at risk.

Tickets are sold for 50 pesos. For inquiries you can reach them through Facebook page Teatro Komunikado Official or contact 09669925352 or 09496862828.

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