PMPC Star Awards New Male Recording Artist 2018 Nominee "ERARD" Launches New Music Under Star Music

Published · Tuesday, September 04, 2018 01:14 PM

ERARD Edharson Roman Quido a.k.a. "ERARD" is the newest fast rising OPM recording star in the country. He recently launched his new music under the top music recording company ABS-CBN Star Music. He is the singer behind the hit singles "WALANG FOREVER" and "MAHAL KITA". ERARD is also nominated in this year's PMPC Star Awards for Best New Male Recording Artist.

For Erard, singing has been his lifelong ambition and a dream, a passion he would like to share with others. During his younger years, he was given the privilege to sing at church choirs, a few times at weddings and it brought him much joy seeing people appreciate the simple things he could do for them. Everything seemed to be in harmony and peace.

Music binds people, gives hope, shares joy and eases pain. This dream though, had to take a backseat then due to more important things. Erard did promise himself that one day, He will pursue this passion and make this lifelong dream come true. 

Today, Erard would like to share happiness through his music and with God by his side, He have faith nothing is impossible. He thank his family and friends who believed in his capability and encouraged him. The opportunity granted unto him is a blessing from God and he proudly share it with each and every one. 

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