Philippine Stagers Foundation Celebrates Its 16th Year With Original Musical Play "Obra ni Juan"

Published · Tuesday, July 11, 2017 09:06 AM

Paintings moving on canvas, singing and dancing live, the delusions of a madman and thriving of heroes, Obra ni Juan is a masterpiece in story-telling and more.

It is about the world renowned but greatly under-rated Filipino hero, Juan Luna, traversing his path as an artist in a foreign land with the company of other ‘Illustados’ in Europe. The play would showcase Juan Luna’s relationships with various historical figures such as Marcelo Del Pilar and Trinidad Pardo de Tavera, his unique friendship with Jose Rizal and beloved brother Antonio Luna. The production would showcase all the heroes without the overcoat, without the glitz and glam, Obra ni Juan would present to us their lives as impressionistic as the masterpiece of the master painter gave us his work to inspire the Filipinos. It would also present to us one of the most tragic love stories in Philippine History, the love of Juan Luna to his wife Paz Pardo de Tavera; the ugly truth of how the artist murdered his wife and mother-in-law, or so the stories say. The play would give its audience an opportunity to be the judge and jury in this controversy. Helping us to answer the question of hero or madman is the paintings of Juan Luna, from the ‘Spolarium’ to the ‘Parisian Life’ and more, as we decipher ‘The Luna Code’.

Obra ni Juan will show the unique language, fashion and culture in the 1800’s. From the elaborate costumes to the lavish props and set design, all put together to forward the story of our history. However more important than the aesthetics, the musical will show the desire of our heroes to fight for the Filipino freedom and independence. This repressive period of history sometimes tend to favor a few, through this musical we will see how each effort exerted by the people before us resulted in triumph of our freedom today. Hence, this musical has an objective of educating the young audience with the use of music, a universal language that binds us all.

The music for Obra ni Juan will be grand. The costume, props, set design will be impressionistic and play on the duality of man. The play to be presented by the Foundation is educational and with a spectacular production value. The cultural importance and creativity of their stage presentation will benefit the audience in the development of their historical learning and artistic exposure.

Five-time Aliw awardee, Three- time Broadway World Awardee and Outstanding Manilan Vincent M. Tanada directs the play and wrote its libretto exclusively for sole-exhibition right of Philippine Stager Foundation a non-stock, non-profit theater company he founded 16 years ago. Production Management is by Jeffrey Ambrosio, Marketing and Publicity by Chris Lim, Musical Direction by Pipo Cifra, Choreography by Gerald Gimarino, Light Design by Art Gabrentina and Costume Design by Emy Tanada. The Musical stars more than Thirty PSF Homegrown talents and assisted by more than 15 Technical and Production Crew.

The story, concept and language can be understood and appreciated by all ages (General Patronage) with a running time of Two (2) Hours starting July 2017 to March 2018 nationwide. For ticket inquiries and show buyers you may contact (0956) 669-0335 or check Philippine Stagers Foundation social media accounts.

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