One Click Straight Encourages All To 'Sumaya, Sumigaw, Huminga' Through New Single 'S.S.H.'

Published · Monday, September 21, 2020 09:45 AM

Following the launch of their first all-Tagalog EP Harana Coma, synth pop, candy pop band One Click Straight drops a new single on September 18, 2020, Friday. 

'SSH,' which stands for Sumaya, Sumigaw, Huminga, is the Toffer Marquez (vocalist, bassist), Sam Marquez (guitarist, songwriter), Tim Marquez (drummer, songwriter), and Joel Cartera (guitarist, percussionist)'s cry for freedom in the new normal where many feel restricted and stifled. It was written, recorded and produced at the band members' homes, and is admittedly a product of creative frustration mainly due to the circumstances brought about by COVID-19.

"There were a few months that we didn't do anything. We all just tried to survive through COVID. But the thing is, if you're a musician and a writer, you will always end up itching to write and to create more music," Sam Marquez shares. "This is for the sake of our artistry. We just wanna make something that we're happy with."

No-Holds-Barred Creativity

'SSH' was created in the midst of the pandemic, with limited gear and equipment. Instead of this becoming a hindrance, however, One Click Straight (OCS) saw this as an opportunity to be more daring and throw out the "rules" of their creative process out of the window.

"Rock and roll, bahala na," explains Marquez further. "We were thinking let's just write songs the way we want and the way we can. We didn't have a studio, we didn't have much gear here at home. [It's the] complete opposite of what we were doing before."

This resulted in a more raw and real sound that OCS has never been explored before.

"I think that's what started this: the attitude of [going] back to our punk rock roots and trying to make songs with a cheaper mic, recording drums in a weird way (since we don't have a drum kit here)." He added. "So we locked ourselves in that atmosphere where we just...make stuff."

The creativity doesn't end there, though, as 'SSH' is the first of three tracks that One Click Straight will be releasing under a new EP of the same name.


'A Statement from a Hopeless Situation' 

With the new single, as well as the EP that will be released at the end of the month, the band hopes to bring about an important message.

"One of the things that I want people to remember about the EP is that it's a statement coming from a hopeless situation, but with a hopeful heart." Tim Marquez says. "It's a hopeful outlook for the future as much as our lyrics are about missing someone, [whether] they passed away or something, and [about] frustration and anxiety."

The message that OCS wants to convey is made even stronger through visual art: a very special music video for 'SSH' directed by Simon Te, as well as Alone, but Not Lonely, a website that displays art that the band has found inspirational when making their EP. Both will be released at the end of the month as well.

"We're longing for something greater, something better with a hopeful heart," he adds.

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