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Published · Monday, March 09, 2020 10:12 AM

Online Business is sure to be the next big thing in our economy, but this industry needs to be updated once in a while in order not to be left behind.  

Two years ago, a dynamic breed of training and consulting company was born with the aim of helping Filipino companies become globally competitive, of course using the latest technologies and training modules, and that’s OLERN way of attracting and creating more entrepreneurs, to stay competitive and do the best practices in the industry. 

Olern partner with many business experts to polish their online and offline practical training and courses, making it more convenient and affordable, to produce a successful entrepreneur, the last two years they were able to produce thousands of thousands of business aspirants through their online training as well as face-to-face trainings.  

Just this March 2 and 3, a Free Online Business Summit was launched to target Small Medium Enterprise to excel and succeed, as a world class entrepreneurs. The summit is with partnership with PMCM events and was mentored with Speakers from UAE, UK, Singapore and Philippines. A lot of business tips and life giving principles was discuss in this event. 

Four Keys Business Area

This Summit focuses on "Four Keys Business Area" that makes SME equipping more comprehensive and effective for everyone. Though there's no such thing as "One Size Fits All" in business industry, their fundamental business principles covers everything people need to know about handling business matters and personality development.

1. Business Management Fundamentals

2. Sales and Marketing (Online Business and Social Media Marketing)

3. Human Resources (Personality Development and Training People)

4. Innovation and Technology (Benefits of Online Entreprise)

"The mission of Olern is Inclusive Learning for all people using technology and online tools." Said Jerry Ilao,  Founder of Olern. "We provide trainings for everyone from employees to managers, by equiping them with the right knowledge and skills, teaching them how to carry themselves as professionals with our personality development sessions and lead them to the right mentors that will help them build their empire. All using online technology with no large registration fee and long seminar books."

To know more, visit https://www.olern.com/olernsummit.

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