Nicole Laurel Asensio will launch her new song 'Love Me or Dont' on January 29 via Spotify

Published · Monday, January 25, 2021 09:38 AM

Written in a span of fifteen minutes, the song is about relationships and friendships. 

With simple lines like 

you can like me, or don’t, 

simply say “hi” to me or don’t…

and I really don’t mind when your stares grow cold.

Love Me Or Don't music video poster

After singing the lyrics and melody to guitarist Miru, a classmate from Elements music camp, they both agreed to set the song in the context of a relationship where the persona had been hurt many times, smiled through it to put up a front and reached her breaking point, where she no longer lives for her lover’s approval, for the first time she’s unafraid to be alone and tells him straight - “I don’t need you to feel complete.” Love me or don’t… or kung ayaw mo, edi ‘wag.

There was a line that went: either you stay in my arms or stay out of my way, so stay or don’t.

"Love Me Or Don't" behind the scene photo

Recorded at Wildgrass Studios, the musicians who completed the team included Michael Alba (drums), Karel Honasan (bass) , Ira Cruz (guitar), Nikko Rivera (keys), horn players Lester Sorilla (trumpet), Isla Antinero (trombone) and Michael Guevarra (saxophone) who also wrote out the horn arrangement.

The three strong women with strong voices on the track were vocal arranger and singer Yosha Honasan, arranger Pauline Lauron, and Iwi Laurel, Nicole's mom and biggest inspiration in life and music.

The mixing and mastering were done by Jess Fermino and Angee Rozul and completed in Abbey Road London.

The music video directed by Gorio Vicuna was set in a vintage 50s-esque utopia that is both polished and eerie in the same breath. The narrative showcased Nicole's two friends who are great actors, Ms. Max Eigenmann from the famed Eigenmann clan and French actor Guillaume Novert.

With darker and more cinematic themes, the video was shot in the Laurel ancestral home in Laguna. Tons of costumes were borrowed to match the vintage themes. To achieve the LOOK, Nicole even wore padded garments to add pounds to her body for a heavier look, to suit the vintage beauty aesthetic.

Feb. 1 - WISH BUS performance with band and promo for Music Video Launch.

Feb. 2 - 8pm -Facebook LIVE Music Video Launch

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