Move Manila and The PARC Foundation Holds a Limited Series of Dance Events and Workshops This Summer

Published · Friday, April 12, 2019 03:28 PM

Move Manila, in partnership with The PARC Foundation, has set up a series of dance events and workshops to cater to the dancers and dancers-at-heart with “Girls Got Grit: Women of Street Dance” and “2 Left Feet: Your Dance Class Mixes” Workshop Series.

Move Manila is an independent company focused on the production of street dance-centered media, events, and educational programs that aim to promote street dance as a profession, an art form, and a lifestyle choice for personal growth and community enrichment. For the latest Move Manila projects, follow them online at Facebook ( and Instagram (

The PARC Foundation is a non-profit organization for performing arts established in 2015. Our vision is to spearhead the development of performing arts in the country by enabling Filipino artists to succeed. We do this by giving artists a HOME: a hub with creative spaces for use, opportunities through our programs, mentors and partners for collaboration, and events and production support. To find out more about our foundation, visit our website at and follow us on Facebook ( and Instagram (


Ladies, the celebration is just getting started! Move Manila, in partnership with The PARC Foundation, proudly presents Girls Got Grit: Women of Street Dance, an afternoon of intensive street dance workshops and in-depth discussions on the role of women in the local street dance industry. This will be on April 26, Friday, from 12:30 - 6:00 pm. Girls Got Grit aims to empower young women to continually elevate their craft as dancers and encourage them to challenge stereotypes on what types of dance girls should and shouldn't do. 


1. Krump with Iena Ballug
Focus: Development of each dancer’s utilization of power, muscle management, character, expression, and story-telling in response to various types of music.  

2. Hip-Hop Choreography with AC Lalata
Focus: Hone the participants’ skills in terms of performance, musicality, precision, groove, and creativity.


1. Experiences on how they navigate a male-dominated scene
2. How stereotypes and societal expectations as women are dealt with
3. The current state of the local dance industry, and the multiple ways and means to establish a viable career as a street dancer.


Php 1,250 per head for 2 classes
Php 1,000 per head for groups of at least 5 people
Php 700 per head for 1 class and 1 panel discussion


We know you've still got that groove in you just waiting to come out. Move Manila and The PARC Foundation is here with more awesome mixes to get your dance on!

2 Left Feet: Your Dance Class Mixes is here to help you find joy and comfort in dancing in all types of social situations—from partying on the dance floor with your barkada, to gently swaying along with a (potential) significant other. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, or even the most frustrated dancer you know, 2 Left Feet is the starting point to discovering your own personal groove.

Check out our awesome dance class mixes here for the taking! Oh, did we mention that you could actually listen to these awesome mixes? Follow Move Manila on Spotify for a sneak peak of Two Left Feet and the music that we'll be dancing to! 

April 27 | Super Fun Beats with James Wong
7:30 - 9:30 pm | Black Box @ The PARC Foundation
Ever heard a great song start playing and wish your body could keep up with its rhythm? This class is for you! Learn the freshest looking moves that are easy and basic enough for anyone to pull off on any dance floor. Let James Wong help you let loose, have fun, and party it up!

May 3 | Hugot Highs with Christian Lao
7:30 - 9:30 pm | Black Box @ The PARC Foundation
Sometimes we just need to let it all out! Discover freedom in expressing your full range of emotions through dance. From large, sweeping movements to the most intricate gestures, learn how to tell your story through each movement with Christian Lao.

May 10 | Sobrang Swabe with JB Estrada
7:30 - 9:30 pm | Black Box @ The PARC Foundation
A class for couples looking to level up on their synchronicity or for singles wanting to up their game on the dance floor--learn to move with more confidence, fluidity, and unadulterated suave with JB Estrada.

May 24 | So Ugly It's Good with James Wong
7:30 - 9:30 pm | Black Box @ The PARC Foundation
Obsessing over looking good can sometimes force us to play it safe, or sometimes to not play at all.  In this class James Wong provides a safe space to throw off the burden of moving “properly” and to play and experiment with unconventional movements. You’d be surprised how dance can get so ugly, it’s actually really good.

Workshop prices are at Php 600 per class and Php 1,750 for the whole workshop series. Kindly settle the full payment before April 25 for a hassle-free and smooth-moving class with us! Register by licking on this link:

This time, we move to the rhythm of your own music. Choose your own dance class mix and get those 2 left feet dancing!

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