Maria Ozawa Visits Jose Cuervo Plantation in Mexico

Published · Tuesday, June 06, 2017 04:46 PM

Maria Ozawa, one of the most recognizable faces in South East Asia, began making waves on social media this weekend with a series of Instagram posts from the popular vacation town of Guadalajara, Mexico.

The 31-year-old model/actress took off for Mexico late last week for a getaway that included a trip to La Rojeña, the historic distillery that has produced Tequila for almost three centuries. Ozawa was accompanied by other personalities such as Tim Yap, Bianca Manalo, and Charmaine Palermo.

Ozawa landed at Guadalajara, where she spent the evening at the Camino Real Hotel. She enjoyed her day sightseeing and hanging with locals, before embarking to the town of Tequila, Jalisco the following morning. The trip began with the Jose Cuervo Express, a luxury that takes tourists straight to the town of Tequila.

"I'm so excited for my new adventure!" Ozawa shared online.

In Tequila, Ozawa and her friends were taken to the blue agave fields to learn how the harvesting of the plant plays such a pivotal role in the production of the much-beloved drink. The experience at the fields gave way to a unique tour through La Rojeña, to witness the distillation and production of tequila.

As a special treat to all of her fans in the Philippines, Maria Ozawa will be giving away a special prize consisting of trinkets and pasalubong from Mexico. To enter, Instagram users simply have to follow @CuervoPilipinas, tell them what they love about Jose Cuervo® tequila by commenting on Maria's post and to tag three friends. The winning entry will be selected by Maria herself. 

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