M$TRYO shares the story of his digital multiverse through 'E-boy 17 (My Balenciaga Story)'

Published · Monday, September 28, 2020 09:26 AM

Bubble-gum trap beats paired with unconventional bars frame the story of hip-hop artist M$TRYO's newest track. 'E-boy 17 (My Balenciaga Story)' shows listeners a "new" world brought about by connecting with others online at a time when we are forced to limit our interaction and are forced to stay indoors.

"This is a song about an e-boy, an e-girl and the Balenciaga love story they share, even if they don't know each other in real life," enthuses M$TRYO." I got inspired after watching the movie Ready Player One, so I portrayed that movie's setting."

The artist also drew inspiration for the new single from various artwork, the idea of avatars, high fashion and the endless possibilities on the digital sphere. 'E-boy 17' conveys a message of invention and reinvention in what seems to be a digital multiverse, exploring the complexities of a personality in a way that one can't in person. It is through this that the mix of all these ideas that Balenciaga love story was born and eventually executed in a song.

'E-boy 17 (My Balenciaga Story)' is produced through executing new ad libs in a fresh manner, with some parts rapped in Filipino, others in English. "[I wanted to explore] yung music na sobrang kakaiba and unexpected, with [its] awkward flow, awkward keys," explains M$TRYO.

The story behind how the single was created tells us that this definitely goes beyond the trendy luxury brand. But what makes 'E-boy 17' even more special is that it is M$TRYO's release for his birthday this year.

The artist claims that producing a track during the pandemic has been challenging. However, 'E-boy 17 (My Balenciaga Story)' was created with the same personal writing and creative process as his other tracks: with M$TRYO taking his time with it and not forcing it out "Kaya siguro matagal akong makapaglabas ng kanta," he shares. "Mahirap; maraming nagbago [ngayong pandemic]. Pero it is what it is. So, you just do it."

About M$TRYO:

Alexis Manuel a.k.a. M$TRYO is someone you won't miss inside a room full of people. He's flashy and proud of it, and who is also an aspiring fashion designer and does hosting gigs pre-pandemic. With a mix of hip-hop and pop and added Pinoy flavor, the 29-year-old rapper from Taft wants diversity in his sound but emphasizes that his main focus is still rapping.

His poetic know how is rooted in the pains and challenges he has encountered early in life, from losing his mother to leaving home to live on the streets of Divisoria. M$tryo started spitting lines when he got himself in a gang that asked him to write their group a song. This was where his interest in rap music started, influenced by Andrew E., Death Threat, Loonis, Stick Figgas and more. He also listens to XXXTentacion, Juice Wrld, Jay-Z, and Kanye West.

It's not surprising that his first single released under MCA Music is 'Divisoria,' where he had first-hand experience slumming its streets. He then followed it with the inspiring tune "Balanse (Sana All),' his "prescription" to everyone who are treated differently like him.

Signed with MCA Music, M$tryo is like a well-oiled engine and has been continuously working on new music. With his determination to passionately create more bops, it won't be long that another homegrown talent would reach his dreams.

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