Good Food Tour: Foodpanda’s Tour-ffic Food Crawl

Published · Thursday, March 15, 2018 05:10 PM

Good Food Tour, a global campaign of foodpanda that started in the Philippines last 2015, is now on its 8th Edition. The tour still brings the best menu in the town and offers its valued patrons boundless alternatives and food choices in a thematic way. Together with the tour’s objective on transforming food passionates and strangers into a new level of experience, foodpanda’s Good Food Tour also aims to uncover and get to know the people behind the success of each restaurant, even they just started in the industry.

Nowadays, people are very mindful to eat and choose the healthy dishes just to achieve the perfect beach body before the season, so there is no better way to hold the first Good Food Tour for the year with a Summer Healthy theme. foodpanda picked three diners from the long list of their partner restaurants that offer healthy options for meals that one can enjoy without worrying.

The curtains of the Good Food Tour 8th Leg was filled with sophistication and vibrant healthy food. These three restaurants that were featured are great spots for a quick snack and healthy tasty meals, and their extensive menus should give all enough options for the next few weeks or so before the real beach season begins!


JUJU EATS: Fresh. Fast. Healthy. Happy

Juju Eats offer delightful variety of nutritionally dense, healthy and fresh food.

This healthy restaurant has a simple goal and that is to aim all the needs of their customers and also to satisfy them.

Juju eats is more passionate to refuel, rebuild and heals oneself to maintain a beach body this Summer by their own Menu.

Juju Eats

DOWN TO EARTH: Real Food. Real Farmers. 

Down to Earth, a farm to table restaurant and shop is a place where everything is organic or natural food. The standard of down to earth for them to ensure the quality, integrity and sustainability is to give fresh and wholesome ingredients, care and craft handling their commitment in sustaining the way they produce and distribute their products.

With the products organically produced by farmers in Bukidnon, Down to Earth can assure you a fresh and real food that will give you a much healthier lifestyle.

Down To Earth

JUICESABEL: All Vegan Cafe + Cold Pressed Juice

Juicesabel is one the Vegan Restaurant in the Metro manila - that also gives you another way of being healthy with a different variety of their menu like burger patties that has a strong flavor that is filled with vegetables that gives you a different taste.

Gives you the old look but with a twist of the taste and ingredients, Juicesabel can change your favorites and gives you a healthier tummy.

Tofu Sisig - JuiceSabel

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