From Pasta to Panghimagas: Ang 2-in-1 Sherep ng Alaska Créma-Asada

Published · Thursday, January 03, 2019 10:43 AM

When was the last time you prepared food for a small party or someone you really wanted to impress? You thought to yourself “kering-keri na ‘to,” only to find yourself four hours later struggling to come up with anything decent. Some dishes don’t taste right, some are missing a couple of ingredients, and some don’t even look the way they’re supposed to. Jirits!

Every cook knows the value of an ingredient that gets the work done without sacrificing taste. This is especially true if the said ingredient not only cuts shopping and cooking time, but also works well for multiple dishes. Winner, ‘di ba?

This is something that Alaska understands well, which is why the brand came up with a 2-in-1 innovation that, as Vice Ganda describes it, “sherep ng Créma at Condensada, pinag-isa”—Alaska Créma-Asada.

Alaska Créma-Asada blends the creamy goodness of Créma (all-purpose cream) and the distinct sweetness of Condensada in one delicious product. The result is a convenient sweet thick creamer that’s perfectly balanced. It works for all sorts of creamy desserts, but can also help make some of your all-time savory dishes a bit more interesting—think creamy sweet spaghetti for the kids or creamy chicken afritada or pastel! Each dish you make is a dish you can be proud of because moms actually prefer Alaska Créma-Asada more than other 2-in-1 sweetened thick creamers in the market. Kabog!

And the best part? It’s only PhP46.50!

The next time you’re in the mood to do a bit of kitchen work, consider giving Alaska Créma-Asada a try. Who knows what you might end up whipping—you may even create your next unkabogable signature dish.

Discover an entirely new world of sherep with Alaska Créma-Asada. To learn more, try out the at recipes

Alaska Créma-Asada provides an entirely new experience for everyone. Combining the creamy goodness of Créma and Condensada, Alaska Créma-Asada instantly sweetens fruit salads, mango floats, pastillas, and even Pinoy-style spaghetti! It’s most preferred by moms over other 2-in-1 sweetened thick creamers. Visit to discover more recipes.

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