Entwined – The Mitch Desunia S/S 2020 Collection

Published · Monday, December 09, 2019 04:11 PM

Ever the ground breaker, Mitch Desunia is once again poised to disrupt the norm of the fashion industry by bringing in "ENTWINED" her newest collection into the fray.

ENTWINED is an intricate union of the old and the new hanging in a delicate balance between the modern and the traditional while keeping the core Mitch Desunia ideals of fashion that looks classic in elegance but still looks ever forward.

It uses INABEL, an exquisitely decorated fabric produced from the province of Ilocos, individually hand made by the local weavers. However, due to the weaver's dwindling numbers caused by low demands and even lower income brought upon by the capitalists, the art of producing INABEL may be lost entirely through time. That's why Mitch Desunia decided to highlight INABEL this year, to show the world that Filipino craftsmanship is capable of competing globally, in terms of beauty in design and durability.

With Mitch Desunia’s revolutionary designs and notoriety for being selective when it comes every fabric that she use, the Inabel fabric soon took a modern form, transcending its tribal roots and embracing a new form by fusing with imported fabrics, producing an array of outfits with wild textures in a modern cut.

On CARS X COUTURE you'll catch not just a glimpse but an entire spectacle of the whole collection gracing the runway together with the most luxurious cars in the country. Hopefully, with this collection we may not just prove that our locally produced fabrics are globally competitive, but to also provide better opportunities to our local weavers, providing them a sustainable livelihood that will not only provide the needs of their families but to also give hope that this form of art will continue to flourish and evolve over the years to come.

Empire on The Rise : The Mitch Desunia Story

CEO and Proprietor Mitch Desunia's love for fashion is already evident even in her early years. Growing up in a house along the shore, Mitch enjoys drawing faces and dresses in the sand along the beach after school, making sure to draw fast so that she could finish it before the waves come and erase them but this knack for drawing paved the way for the business savvy eight-year-old when she started selling the paper dolls and dresses she created for his classmates and friends.

The young and quick-witted Mitch Desunia became one of the recipients of the prestigious scholarship program from the Department of Science and Technology and took up Electronics and Communications at the Technological University of the Philippines, although naturally intuitive and quick-witted fitting on the field of Electronics the thought of pursuing fashion never left her mind and her desire to pursue it became even stronger that's why she decided run after her studies at the prestigious, University Of The Arts, London-Central Saint Martins, with a course, Fashion And Textile Forecasting, there her love for fashion came into full bloom.

From the money she saved up working as a call center agent, she was able to establish Mitch Desunia Haute Couture on March 15, 2009, which specialized in affordable couture bridal gowns. The company was later on incorporated in 2015 and became Mitch Desunia Apparel Inc.

Since then, the company's unrelenting resolve to become a global brand solidified, continuously experimenting and innovating to cater an ever wider spectrum of audience starting with Mitch Desunia Luxury Line that sees to the needs of our high-end market from their outfit and bags down to their shoes.

In our continued effort to reach out the masses three more brands have been created in the process. 1.) Madame Moiselle Desunia (MODE), a brand that provide high-street fashion pieces for men, ladies and kids available at select Finds Finds stores nationwide. 2.) IDo Manila that provides quality occasion dresses, available at select Robinsons Department Stores nationide and 3.) Desunia Beauty Essentials that focuses cosmetics ranging from soaps and lotions to name a few, available online or at the direct sellers and select health and beauty stores nationwide.

Together with the massive roster of brands, the company further intensifies its presence in the fashion industry by joining London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks and shows during Cannes Film Festival and for the second time producing its own show in the Philippines with CARSXCOUTURE the Mitch Desunia 2020 Collection, a production that we so tirelessly devised to let Filipinos have a taste of what Europeans frequently witness during their fashion weeks.

Overall, the Mitch Desunia Apparel Inc. is slowly becoming a fashion empire to be looked out for in the foreseeable feature while the Mitch Desunia Luxury Line is expected to hit the market to compete with the likes of Chanel, Gucci and Prada.

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