Dong Abay, Joe Crepúsculo Set the Stage on Fire in Posporo(s)

Published · Wednesday, October 25, 2017 01:44 PM

Filipino poet, artist and rockstar Dong Abay and Spanish musician Joe Crepúsculo keep the flame of the best live music burning when they share the limelight in Posporo(s) on October 28, 9 p.m. at The Cabin 420 Bar & Bistro, A.Venue in Poblacion, Makati City.

Posporo(s), a series of free concerts organized by the Embassy of Spain and the Instituto Cervantes de Manila with the support of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, aims to showcase the best talents in the Spanish and Philippine indie music scene to give the two sides an opportunity to experience each other's music.

After three other gigs in June, July and September, it is now Crepúsculo's and Abay's turn to take over the most eclectic match in the two-year-journey project. Over the past few months, 14 bands from the two countries and several local DJs have ignited Metro Manila with magical music matches, the name given to one of the newest and most ambitious projects in the cultural field. The live music events have made it possible to bridge the gap between differences in style, artistic forms and disciplines as well as distance.

Dong Abay

From being an attitude towards the industry to a style that is almost the definition of a generation encompassing all kinds that pop and rock can offer, the landscape of the Spanish indie music has changed over time. It thrives in different ways whose only shared feature is the strength of the new. In this framework of renewed energy, Crepúsculo is synonymous with fiesta. Numerous Spanish artists like him have recovered the spirit of the DJs of the Ruta del Bakalao whose disc jockeying was both a performance and a musical gig. However, along came also cumbia, flamenco, rap and a break in style where anything goes as long as it makes him dance. His album Supercrepus was named best Spanish album of the year in 2009 by the prestigious magazine Rockdelux, validating a huge talent capable of billing pop songs with astonishing ease. He performs in Manila with his eighth album Disco Duro. 

Joe Crepúsculo courtesy of Pablo Zamora

On the other hand, Abay's music is best described as Pinoy alternative rock, which contributed significantly to the local music scene in the 90s. His songs are a mixture of poetry, rock music and the alternative kalye music in the first waves of his career. Since then, Abay has always managed to encapsulate accurately contemporary Filipino life in his songs and music. He then etched his name in the industry by using art to effectively communicate his vision of and outlook on Filipino life through his music and poetry. Abay is also a staunch supporter of advocacies promoting the conservation and preservation of nature. In college, he was a member of the UP-based vocal ensemblePatatag before hooking up with two other fellow members to form Yano, a seminal folk-punk rock band of the 90s. After parting ways with Yano and a brief hiatus, Abay returned to the music scene in 2002 and formed the group Pan that led to the release of Parnaso Ng Payaso. A song called Hula from that album won the Best Folk/Pop Recording at the Awit Awards the following year. Other notable tracks from the album include Rebolusyon, Dumpsite and Mabuhay.

Going solo as an indie artist, Abay came out with his EP Sampol in 2005 as part of his undergrad thesis. He then released his album Flipino in 2006 with the songs Perpekto,Tuyo and Bombardment, among others. Perpekto received significant airplay and the album as a whole established him as an important part of the Pinoy rock landscape. His next solo effort was the release of the album Rebulto in 2012. All the songs in the album revolved around the Jose Rizal monument in Luneta. Two years later, he formed the group D.A.M.O. with Kakoy Legaspi on guitars, Simon Tan on bass, and Abraham Billano on drums. They started working on the album Humanidad, a collection of 14 new tracks by Abay set to music by his fellow band members, which is sure to further affirm his relevance as a songwriter and Pinoy rock icon.

For the second time, Posporo(s) will have a video installation by MVLTIVERSE, a multimedia collective formed by Derek Tumala, Megan Palero, Clarissa Gonzalez andJunie Linsoco that creates new forms in transcending the moving image through live performance, new media and installations. For more information, visit

Apart from the concert, Crepúsculo will be playing some of his music on October 24 at and during an interview at Jam 88.3 on October 26.

Joe Crepúsculo - Mi fábrica de baile

Joe Crepúsculo - Música para adultos

Dong Abay - Par Que

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