Diving Into The Digital Scene And Doubling Down On Virtual Events For GetCraft’s Creative Network

Published · Wednesday, August 19, 2020 02:55 PM

With in-person events and gatherings coming to a halt due to the pandemic, the shift to virtual events has been leveraged by GetCraft, a premium creative network, to continue providing opportunities to creators and marketers alike.

As most Southeast Asian countries were placed on lockdown, Founder and CEO of GetCraft Patrick Searle shared what initiatives they plotted in order to streamline and continuously offer opportunities for people in the creative and marketing industry.

“We pivoted towards webinars for almost all of our events and due to the nature of COVID-19, we also decided to run a series called Crafters Live. We were running daily events—creative, inspiring events which were designed to kind of help, inspire, educate, and raise the morale of those in the creative industry,” explained Searle.

By stopping all offline events and going fully online they provided events that range from webinars, tutorials, panels, and interviews on a daily and monthly basis. One of the big initiatives they launched was the Crafters Live with a large campaign behind it to help raise the morale of people during these challenging and uncertain times.

And through this initiative of diving into the digital and virtual scene, GetCraft was able to thrive as event attendees spiked by 122%. So far, more than 6,000 people took part in their online events.

“When it comes to virtual events, we found that participants have a much better experience because they can hear the speakers clearer and see slides better. We’ve seen far higher engagements of all those webinars,” he says. However, webinars do have their disadvantages, ”Virtual events do lack the networking aspect and people, prior to the event and post-events, do like to kind of chat with each other,” he adds.

In addition to the new initiative, they have also been helping connect brands and agencies with premium creatives to create content in the forms of blogs, vlogs, sponsored content, campaigns, or native-advertising campaigns. Many brands have now taken up webinar solutions. There’s a lot more of these digital and online events because of the great engagement gained with audiences and how you can get 300-400 attendees, whereas in offline events it would only reach up to 100.

Concurrently, GetCraft has been regularly doing their Thought Leadership interviews with the best marketing and creatives online, the Crafters and Marketers community meet-up, and in-depth tutorial from experts. Moving forward, they plan on adding professional mixers and networking events where people can meet fellow professionals and interact through breakout rooms.

“Through the success that we’ve seen in Crafters Live, I think we’ve really had to realize that there’s this strong need for localized, modern, updated education. Education, given the speed developments of the marketing and creative industry, can be done on a real-time basis. So, we strongly believe that these type of content every month—around 15-16 webinars, tutorials, and panels per month—is a very powerful way for marketers, communications experts, and creatives alike to be able to level up their craft,” expressed Searle. Right now, GetCraft is doubling down through all this.

They have their Crafters Live where people can access the talks under crafters for free at https://crafters.getcraft.com/ and for marketing at https://marketingcraft.getcraft.com/. People can register for $10 a month to gain access to all the talks, interviews, tutorials, and other content. GetCraft has accumulated over sixty hours of content and trainings.

People can continue to hone and expand their skills during this socially distanced period through GetCraft, especially as they offer new and upcoming events every week and month.

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