Cocoon, The Newest Fashion Gear by Jerome Salaya Ang

Published · Thursday, May 28, 2020 10:55 AM

Noted fashion designer JEROME SALAYA ANG has conceptualized, designed and executed his latest take on Covid fashion with "COCOON."

For this stylized design, Jerome defined "cocoon" as 'to envelop' or surround in a protective or comforthing way. To wrap or cloak.

"We are now living at the edge of a new era. The design philosophy was aimed to be more sporty and flexible so that there is more movability factor when it is worn. 

And, the sizing is meant to be 'free' and genderless. After all, this is what the future is  --- it's all about mobility. 

We also considered our weather here so we opted the usage of lightweight material which is of upmost importance."

Ang will be exploring with these types of fabrication that will best suit our weather including it's weight which has to be light. And most specially, it is washable for re-use.

1. Screen mesh 180mm grade  

2. Crumpled laminated paper sheet 

3. Silicon plastic   

4. Micro fiber repellant silver back 

5. 1ply taffeta silk

The Cocoon. A loving embrace. The covid wardrobe.

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For further inquiries, and online sales, please contact 09188199537 

Facebook / IG: jerome salaya ang

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