The Clean Fun at Club Mwah

Published · Saturday, October 19, 2019 07:54 PM

Maintaining clean fun, that’s the best formula of Club Mwah after 16 years and counting, the only best bar in the country that features “Follies De Mwah”, a committed and super talented group of Filipino drag illusionist that offers ala Las Vegas style of show. 

Happening every Friday and Saturday night, the two hour spectacle in the heart of Mandaluyong City, will give you glimpse of Hollywood, Broadway and some theater musical extravaganza, plus customized ethnic production numbers, guaranteed will blow you away due to its grand, not to mention their state of the art sets, lights and stage. 

Master Director and Choreographer Chris Nicolas is the mind behind all the creative numbers and its magnificent costumes, in the past 16 years he find solitude in giving quality entertainment, by properly doing analyzation on what dance and songs to be perform, his best requirement is select the most beautiful numbers, and next is on how to execute it one after another. 

“Mahirap sa pop songs, kapag nalaos, laos na rin siya, kaya I prefer classic” Nicolas said. 

Nicolas has a wide background in terms of dance, before concentrating in running Club Mwah he is a member of Bayanihan Dance Company, then he was able to perform in many shows in Japan, he is also part of Bellestar Dancers, train at Julie Borromeo Ballet School and Power Dance by Douglas Nierras.

Visiting Club Mwah is not complete without seeing Nicolas doing some impersonations in between numbers, and his best image is Tina Turner. But according to Nicolas it was not plan at all, they use to get and hire impersonators before that he personally train, yet most of them didn’t last due to some discipline and attitude he require, until he realize to give it  a try, and the rest is history. 

Going to 17 years, Club Mwah is opening soon a new kind of Comedy Bar, different from the usual we know in Metro Manila since it will offer a not “okrayan” type of comedy, where in guests and customer will not think twice in visiting. 

They are also conceptualizing new sets of Filipiniana stylized numbers with all its shining and shimmering sets and costumes, most of the time they are into corporate and private shows. For reservation call Club Mwah hotline (02)8535.7943, mobile numbers 0908.173.0109.

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