Celebrate Self-Love at these Philippine Destinations

Published · Friday, January 31, 2020 04:59 PM

It’s the season of ruby red roses and creamy chocolates; the most anticipated Love Month is finally here! Whether you are in a relationship or single this love month, let’s celebrate the best thing about you. Embrace the simplest yet most impactful blessing that you have — YOU.

Liberate yourself from society’s standards. Seize your independence, practice self-empowerment, and be secured in understanding one’s worth.Acceptance is the first step in Self-Love. Acknowledge your imperfections and reveal your most authentic self at these five stunning local destinations:


Have the most invigorating trip of your life! Treat yourself with a much-needed getaway where you can unwind and have the ultimate relaxation at the spectacular islands of Palawan.


After a fruitful week at work, embrace your independence by doing something you truly love. Painting, cycling, or simply reading a book sure is a productive activity you could dofor your personal growth.


If you’re a laid back, island type woman. Feel confident in your own skin by flaunting your cute swimsuit at the tranquil shores of Siargao.


Show your joyous grin from ear to ear as you take pleasure in Baguio’s wilderness and cool breeze.


Eat, Pray and Love your way to the heart of the Visayas. Explore the depths of the ocean, make new friends, savor the culture, create new memories and satisfy oneself with the savory dishes that is truly one of a kind in Cebu.

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