Calling All Lovers of Coffee to Come Join the Philippine National Coffee Competition

Published · Monday, March 09, 2020 06:26 PM

The Philippines has an innate love for coffee. So, what do you do when you have Filipinos all eager to share, bond over, and appreciate a good cup of coffee? The Philippine National Coffee Competition (PNCC) has taken the initiative to invite Filipinos across the country to come join and participate in their open event, inclusive for all lovers of coffee in all its forms and flavors. 

The Philippine National Coffee Competition, accredited by the World Coffee Events, brings together the coffee community by inviting coffee lovers - enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals to collaboratively support and join the participation of Filipinos on the world stage of international coffee competitions. Save the date as this event will be held on three consecutive days from March 9, 10, and II and will take place in Mega Fashion Hall at SM Megamall, Mandaluyong.

Individuals from across the country are encouraged to try their hand at the competitions in brewing up the best cup of coffee there is to become the national champions. Participants are tasked to compete in any of the three national competitions of their choosing; National Barista Championship, Philippine Latte Art Championship, and Brewers Cup. The champions for each competition will be the official representatives of the Philippines for these world championship competitions: Melbourne World Coffee Championship and World of Coffee Warsaw. 

In addition to being able to witness the competitions, inside the PNCC venue, you get to have a taste of various coffees at the Brew Bar prepared by coffee retailers, roasters and shop owners, like Jay's Way Specialty Coffee and Cebu's very own The Good Cup Coffee Company. On top of that, there will be an exhibition of several booths featuring their array of specialty coffee beans, machines, and brewing equipment. Panel discussions and talks from leaders of the coffee industry, as well as previous national champions, will also take hold of the stage to discuss significant topics related to the industry and its practices. 

The PNCC team is spearheading this event to not only find and support the national champions but to also create an inclusive dialogue in the Philippine coffee community. With that goal in mind, the team behind PNCC is opening this event to the public - it's a free-access event for all, and they do accept donations. This event is sponsored by SM Megamall, Concept Specialist Inc., Henry & Sons, Milklab, Conlins Coffee, Allegro Beverage Corporation, Discovery Suites, Argonza Trading, Equilibrium Intertrade, Dalla Corte and UCC.

Be a part of this special event where the Philippine coffee community comes together as one. For those keen to join in as a volunteer, participant for the competitions, or as a judge feel free official website, PNCC's to visit For further information or inquiries, contact 

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