Build Your Perfect Smart Home Entertainment System With 3 Key Pieces

Published · Tuesday, August 20, 2019 09:41 AM

When putting your dream home together, chances are that you’re probably thinking about all the furniture, fixtures, and utilities that are going to be put in it- but have you thought about the home entertainment system that’s going to be in your living room? While having visitors or enjoying your living room all on your own might seem hard to attain, installing an amazing and effective smart home entertainment system can make a whole lot of difference. Smart home entertainment systems can make living a lot easier in an assortment of ways: got guests? Turn on the system. Looking to relax in your living room? Turn on the system. Although turning on the system and letting it do its magic is easy enough as it is, putting it together is an entirely different situation.

To save you the stress of window shopping without the right knowledge, we’ve put together a guide on how you can make your home more convenient and entertaining with the right smart home entertainment system components:

For a sound unlike any other: Honeywell L-PCM06E Ceiling Loudspeaker
With an astoundingly-clear audio profile and background music reproduction, the Honeywell L-PCM06E ceiling loudspeaker can make the entire experience of having your smart home entertainment system even more amazing than you’d expect. Honeywell’s latest ceiling loudspeaker is also much easier to integrate into your home’s interior with its low-profile appearance, in-ceiling mounting, and multiple installation options that are easy to execute.

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For high-quality eye candy: Sony KLV-40R352B 40-inch Flat Screen TV
If you’re picky about what kind of visuals you’ll be getting, then you’ll definitely have no problems with the Sony KLV-40R352B’s crisp and clear display. With 40 inches of display space and a 16:9 ratio, the 40-inch flat screen TV holds nothing back on its goal of providing the best visual experience that money can buy. Sony’s latest flat screen TV also provides the whole package, coming with a Dolby Digital system, several picture and sound modes, and a Full HD display resolution pre-installed for maximum viewer delight.

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For limitless connectivity: Edgecore Networks ECH502
In order to make the most out of your smart home entertainment system, you’ll need to have a stable Wi-FI signal to actually make everything work. Fitted with built-in user access control, an easy-to-manage guest registration system, and a high connection count threshold, the Edgecore Networks ECH502 wireless hotspot is perfect for managing your internet connectivity throughout all your smart home devices. With an overall data rate of 1.2 GBps, 802.11ac wave 2 connectivity, and a whole array of wireless optimization features, this powerhouse of a hotspot is perfect for anybody that wants to take their internet connection to the next level.

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