Plains & Prints Beyond 25: Celebrating 25 Years With Philippine Fashion’s Finest For One Historic Collaboration

Published · Wednesday, July 24, 2019 10:10 AM

In 1994, Plains & Prints co-founder Roxanne A. Farillas had a simple dream—to make timeless, elegant style accessible to Filipinas. That dream set its roots in a small Greenhills store, where she sold simple tops and blouses.

Plains & Prints co-founder Roxanne A. Farillas (center) collaboration with Philippine fashion visionaries to mark Plains & Prints’ 25th anniversary.

25 years later, Roxanne’s small dream has taken on a life of its own. Plains & Prints has expanded to more than 90 branches run by a team of over 400 people. Her pieces even go overseas through online portals. Top names in the Philippine fashion scene continue to collaborate with the brand, producing timeless pieces worn by local style icons.

Built on Timeless Elegance

Plains & Prints owes its success to Filipino artistry. Every print, every fabric, and every garment is crafted in-house. It’s the proud tradition that keeps the company together; the kind that drives pioneer employees to stay with the brand even after all these years.

The whole value chain is driven entirely by homegrown talent. Beyond the atelier, Plains & Prints is worn by style icons who embody the brand’s classic Filipina sensibilities.

“When we signed our first ambassador in 2002, we didn’t want girls who were just pretty or popular. We want our women to be fun, but still have that sense of style that is timeless,” says Roxanne. The brand found its first icon in Gretchen Barretto. “She is beautiful the moment she wakes up. She doesn’t even look like she tries. That’s what the brand is all about—being simple, understated, yet effortlessly beautiful.”

From Gretchen, Plains & Prints started a string of partnerships with effortlessly stylish women. Model-columnist Celine Lopez signed on in 2007. British-Thai actress Paula Taylor joined in the following year. Several years later, legendary stylist Liz Uy became the face of the brand after being the partner stylist for six years.

Anne Curtis wearing Charina Sarte’s the mustard Manila (P2998).

Nowadays, actress Anne Curtis fronts the Plains & Prints brand. She is classy, sophisticated, yet adventurous—an embodiment of the modern Filipina that wears Plains & Prints.

Anne Curtis wearing a Mark Nicdao digital print of the city that never sleeps in New York dress (P2998).

Anne Curtis wearing Martin Bautista’s the printed Cecile top and skirt (P2998).

A Lifetime of Collaboration
As Plains & Prints slowly established a reputation for style, so did the label’s portfolio of projects with other prestigious names in fashion. In 2015, Marc Nicdao and Wig Tysmans combined their vision and the brand’s classic staples in a picture-perfect collection for Plains & Prints’ 20th anniversary.

Rhett Eala, Rajo Laurel, Randy Ortiz, Maureen Disini, and Vania Romoff followed suit the next year with a Plains & Prints collection done for charity—all proceeds went to the ICanServe foundation’s campaign for breast cancer awareness.

2017 was particularly busy, featuring two capsule collections; one leaning on refinement with Vania Romoff, and the other a bit more playful with Mattel’s iconic Barbie. The following year highlighted another unique twosome, with back-to-back releases featuring the tropical leanings of Amina Aranaz and classic silhouettes from Mark Bumgarner.

This year, all these fashion visionaries are returning for one historic collaboration to mark Plains & Prints’ 25th anniversary. Dubbed Beyond 25, the collection features artists who have worked with Plains & Prints, as well as several new ones in the brand’s growing list of partners.

The project is one of the biggest of its kind, involving 15 artists collaborating for over a year to create a snapshot of modern Philippine fashion. It includes 30 stylish pieces—symbolizing the timelessness of Plains & Prints elegance.

Rajo Laurel gives the asymmetrical dress a comfortable and practical take with the coral Shantelle (P2898) and printed Sophia (P2898).

Randy Ortiz reaffirms his love for flowy dresses with the white Carmen (P3498) and chambray Adella(P3498).

Rhett Eala plays with Lime and blue accents in the Hanna top and skirt (P3298), then goes all in on the square-necked Chelsea set (P3298).

Vania Romoff’s third collab with Plains & Prints gives us the red Marcella dress (P2998) and white and khaki Carlotta (P2998).

Maureen Disini’s all-white Rebecca(P2998) contrasts with the dark and printed Joanna(2998).

Amina Aranaz takes a break from accessory design with the printed Celeste top and pants (P3998) and Clara set in classic rust (P3998).

Patty Ang lends her minimalism with the mint Billie top and pants (P2998) and the navy Drew set (P2998).

Rosanna Ocampo offers a lacy dress in light brown Sabine (P2998) and blue Sasha (P2998).

Anthony Ramirez shows his penchant for solid colors with the blue Kiarra (P2898) and the black Catalina.

Cheetah Rivera’s youthful Elise dress (P2898) also comes in a white and mint version called Bonnie(P2898).

Martin Bautista’s one-shoulder number comes in the sienna Celine top and skirt (P2998) and the printed Cecile top and skirt (P2998).

Wig Tysmans’ landscapes feature prominently in the Tanya dress (P2898) and Nashtassia pantsuit (P3498).

Mark Nicdao showcases a digital print of the city that never sleeps in New York dress (P2998) and Manhattan top and bottom (P2998).

Charina Sarte’s ruffled dress comes in two versions: The polka-dotted Paris (P2998), and the mustard Manila (P2998).

Mark Bumgarner’s classic silhouettes return to Plains & Prints with the Daphne pantsuit (P2998) and the printed Camilla dress (P2998).

Timeless 25 tops (P1298).

Timeless 25 tops (P1298).

Last, but not the least, two printed commemorative Beyond 25 and Timeless 25 tops (P1298 each) fill in the casual end of the spectrum to complete the 25th anniversary collection.

“Our anniversary collection might celebrate the people who have supported us in the last 25 years, but the beautiful thing about Beyond 25 is that it’s not bound by the styles of that era,” says Roxanne. “That’s the secret—it’s timeless. We will stick to our core and continue creating classic pieces for the modern Filipina.”

The Beyond 25 collection is available online on,, and starting July 24, 2019. Shoppers can purchase the collection in select preview events at Glorietta 1, Chimes Davao, and Ayala Cebu from July 25 to 28, then at the SM Mega Fashion Hall from July 29 to August 2, 2019. The entire collection will be available in all Plains & Prints branches nationwide starting July 31, 2019.

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