Invest On Your Future Thru Mutual Fund

Published · Friday, December 06, 2019 05:58 PM

Financial literacy is one hot topic for young ones need to sit and discuss now a days, it’s a must for the generation that idolizes YOLO or the saying You Only Live Once, to prepare their selves in securing one’s future, either it’s about health, house and lot, and even travelling that most of us want to do.

Economy is steadfast in the Philippines, with many crisis rising from one another, issues that affect the nation progress, plus of course political scenarios that gives positive or negative impressions is all chain effect to our earnings as employees or business owners.

Savings is the battle cry that we all adhere to do, but let’s admit that it’s really hard to save hard earn money one after pay day, no matter how you budget we all rant in many ways that it’s not enough, how do we survive when salary day is far and you need to settle some bills, food is of course our priority in a day to day activity.

Valerie N. Pama, President of Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. 

That’s the very reason Sunlife Management Company Inc (SLAMCI) aims to do today and to the next year to come, encouraging each and every one to use your money wisely and start earning aside from the company you belong, or even entrepreneur that want another assurance in case failure comes in many folds.

Recently SLAMCI launch their newest program in promoting financial literacy, by encouraging more Filipinos to invest on mutual funds, be an investor no matter what your status, and start securing good fortune for yourself or to your family.

With over 2,000 financial advisors, 11 bank partners and 6 broker’s partners, SLAMCI want to spread their goal to your life goals via Mutual Fund. By investing your money with them they guarantee a prosperity one wish to have while doing your job and adding your passion in other fields.

The investment start for only P100, and SLAMCI made it accessible to everyone by only logging to their official site and buy the funds that can bring you to a bright future. SLAMCI online is now a digital investing tool that one can try anytime and anywhere, and yes its available right in your smart phone to give you convenience.

Part of that is Sunlife Workplace Saving Plan, a Sunrise program that you as investors will serve as your portal, in deeper understanding of your small savings and how to grow it with their proper guidance, that if you focuses on it can really give goals in travelling, having your own house and lot, and even securing your health plan.

Knowledge is power to be successful in investing on stocks, with all the ratio and metrics to analyze SLAMCI online is equipped with all the answers you’ll be needing, as the projection of the economy in the coming year, it is the best time to share your P100 as a start.

“We are grateful that over 140,000 investors have continue to support SLAMCI thru the years, allowing us to reach a number of milestone, this includes the company’s stronghold on the mutual fund industry having been recognize as the Philippine’s largest non-bank affiliated asset management company, with over P79 billion in assets under management as of Oct this year.” Valerie N. Pama, President of Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. said. 

Start investing on mutual fund today, call or send PM to your Sunlife financial advisor and start achieving your life goals. For more information you can visit or call: (02) 8849-9495. 

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