Artist Playground’s Playlist TRACK 2: I REMEMBER A BOY An Original Musical Revue Featuring OPM’s Most Classic Hits

Published · Monday, February 26, 2018 10:02 AM

When the going gets tough, where do you get your strength?

Artist Playground’s Playlist TRACK 2 proudly presents I REMEMBER A BOY - an original musical revue featuring OPM’s most classic hits on March 3 (3pm/7pm), March 4 (7pm), March 10 (3pm/7pm) & March 11 (7pm) at Arts Above located at West Venue Bldg., 112 West Avenue, QC.

The Cast: Kathleen Francisco, Miko Manguba, Mariella Laurel, Philippe Go, Cathrine Go and Jose Henson

Made by Millenials, for Millenials, AP’s Playlist, Track 2: I Remember A Boy, is about a group of friends who reunite at a cafe they once frequented when they were still college students. They shall recall how their friendship came together, how they fell in love and fell apart. While reminiscing on their past - remembering the best and worst memories - they unearth feelings which were once laid to rest.  With ties severed and hearts broken through the years, will this short reunion allow them to rekindle old flames and begin anew?

This fresh yet nostalgic story of love and friendship that transcends time will be featuring six young, experienced and talented performing artists: Kathleen Francisco, Cathrine Go, Philippe Go, Joe Henson, Mariella Laurel and Miko Manguba. 

With musical direction by award-winning Jesse Lucas, I REMEMBER A BOY will relive to the younger audience the beautiful and meaningful melodies of classic OPM hits dating from the 70s to the 90s.

I Remember A Boy is presented by the ALM Foundation, co-presented by South Hub Productions, Hues n Cues Lighting Design and Mismo Studio, with its major sponsors: Elle Battung and Sandstone Productions; and minor sponsors: Andrea Zubiri Photography, Nina Carlos Makeup. 

Show Dates and Schedule:

March 3 (Saturday) – 3PM and 7PM

March 4 (Sunday)- 7 PM

March 10 (Saturday)- 3PM and 7 PM

March 11 (Sunday)- 7 PM

Ticket Price: Php 1,200; 

Tickets are available at Ticketworld.

PROMO: Buy 5 Get 1 Free, for regular priced ticket (Php 1,200) until FEBRUARY 25, call  0975 919 3179 and 0916 522 2689 for tickets!


The Cast

Kathleen Francisco and Gian Gloria as SHAYNE

Cathrine Go and Nina Macalino as KATE

Philippe Go and Kendrick Ibasco as EERO

Joe Henson and Vyen Villanueva as CARLO

Mariella Laurel and Shalee Vicencio as ELLIE

Miko Manguba and Jon Abella as DAVID



Production Team Director: Mariella Laurel

Musical Director: Jesse Lucas

Writer: Ayu Martinez

Artistic & Assistant Director: Roeder Camanag

Choreographer: Gerhard Krysstopher Pagunsan

Sound Designer: Willy Munji

Production Designer: Mia De Leoz

Production Manager: RBT

Marketing Manager and Artistic Consultant: Kathleen Francisco

Stage Management Team

Stage Manager: Tasha Guerrero

Assistant Stage Managers: Jeremy Cabansag, Loreinne Baniqued and Chi Toladro

Costumes/Dresser Stylist: Katrina Sieglinde Lizaso



Photographers and editors: Sam Battung and Gabriel Tagala of Limón Studios

Layout and illustrations: Elle Battung

Video Shoot Team Director and writer: LJ Flores

Director of Photography: Alwyn Uytingco

Production Design: Mela Danao

Editor/Colorist: Ram Muro





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