Areté Production and Japan Foundation Present Suzue Toshiro's "If He Doesn't See Your Face" at Areté for One Weekend Only

Published · Thursday, August 01, 2019 01:37 PM

In 2012, Tanghalang Ateneo staged Suzue Fireflies with the playwright himself in attendance. Impressed by the production, Suzue Toshiro gave the director, Ricardo Abad, English translations of two of his other plays for him to direct. In 2016, Abad directed one of these two plays, My Friend Has Come, which was shown at the Asia-Pacific Bond of Theater Schools Festival in New Delhi. Now, this August 2019, Abad will direct the other play, IF HE DOESN'T SEE YOUR FACE as part of Areté Production. Starring Delphine Buencamino and Brian Sy.

IF HE DOESN'T SEE YOUR FACE asks how two people can keep on loving each other despite severe physical and emotional constraints. A wife visits her husband in prison. It is not the first visit, nor is it the first time the husband has been imprisoned for theft. It is, in fact, the husband's fourth time in jail. The couple converses- in fact the whole play is a conversation between husband and wife who are separated from each other by a glass window. The husband is happy to see his wife, but this time, the wife is anxious: how can she go on keeping the marriage intact and taking care of a child if her husband keeps stealing and then sent to prison? Their conversation starts out light but slowly builds up to an emotional pitch. "Why do you steal?" the wife pleads, She continues: "I know you love me, but no doubt you'll steal again. Just loving me is not enough. The husband manages a reply, but his answers do not convince. The exchange progresses and soon, one realizes that the glass wall that separates the couple represents a far deeper barrier, the inability of the two to align to each other's thoughts and feelings. Still they persist, still they try to connect. And that, it seems, may be the thin lifeline that, the audience a glimmer of hope that the couple will make it through in time.

IF HE DOESN'T SEE YOUR FACE will have its limited run on August 2 -3, 2019 (8pm) and on August 4, 2019 (3pm) one weekend only at the Doreen Black Box, Arete, Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City. Tickets are on sale at or you may call Arete Productions at 426-6001 loc. 5391.

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