The Newest, Must-Try Tapas Bar and Restaurant Now Opens at Resorts World Manila

Published · Monday, February 17, 2020 11:48 AM

Tapas is the main theme of the newly opened Rafael’s Tapas Bar and Restaurant in the vibrant Newport City of Resorts World Manila, it’s a new destination for foodie who want something home cooked meals presented in different array of flavors. 

After decades in hotel and restaurant industry, owner Henjie Carmona finally said yes to a childhood dream. A dream that he believes his late father want him to be, because his dad and his family are all good cooks and this is the time to continue that legacy.

“My Father is an Ilonggo, he moved to Davao when he marries my mother and I grew up in United States, lahat sila magkakapatid all of them marunong magluto, yung nanay ko hindi na natutong magluto kasi na-spoil na siya, parang it’s always a family thing,” Carmona said. 

Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant owner Henjie Carmona and Chef Jinggoy Fernando

But opening a restaurant in a casino complex is a challenge for Carmona, he is a new player in this field but he believes he has all the guidance needed, after all it’s the memories of his dad that he will use as a charm. 

“I grow up fond of eating, ang gusto ko nga i-recreate dito is not just the food, it’s the feeling na happy kami, if you have family event, occasions, business deals its always with the food,” Carmona explain.

Coining the word Tapas according to Carmona is a big debate for his family, Filipino food is something relatable to this type of brand and with the chef he had that is trained by his late father, they want to create a happy food in the table, that you feel like you are just at your own home. 

“When you say Tapas it’s not Spanish, it’s only a term, sa atin "Pulutan," it’s just that I have to use the term that is familiar to all, that’s also part of my campaign not just tapas, I serve good lunch, good dinner food and in fact may mga twist kami sa usual na sisig, bicol express, kilawin, that’s what we are also trying to achieve here, elevate our food from the provinces, bring it upscale.” Carmona added. 

Rafael’s Tapas Bar and Restaurant is a casual dining place located in the newest dining wing of second floor of the Resorts World Manila, aside from the food they also put twist in their drinks, its homey and artsy venue thru tall and wide spaces, plus of course some painting collections from Carmona himself. 

Rafael's Smash Cocktail

Among we recommended you should try are: Pintxos- Pulpo Kinilaw, Gravlax, Ricotta Hummus, Bicol Express, Tapas- Dinuguan, Entourage, Patatas Bravas, Duck Sisig, Rib Eye Salpicao. 


Bicol Express


Duck Sisig

Patatas Bravas

Rib Eye Salpicao

To check their menu, reservations, and more information, please visit @rafaelsrwph on Instagram and Rafael’s Tapas Bar and Restaurant on Facebook.

Rafael's Tapas Bar and Restaurant

2nd Floor, Garden Wing, Newport Mall Resorts World Manila Pasay City

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