The Part Where

March 30, 2019 - March 31, 2019

The Green Sun Makati City


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The Part Where is a series of stories told in various ways to create a new experience in play watching. Antrosininglaya continues to explore contemporary performance this 2019 to produce an on-traditional way of telling a story to the audience. Stories with different themes, different genres are executed in different treatment.

The ‘parts’ of the play tackle relationships, relevant social dilemmas, and personal struggles we encounter. Antrosininglaya aims to set a new avenue fo the modern audience to be informed with current issues. We are showing “PARTS” of our lives that are memorable to us and moments that make us feel. The show has a goal to run every quarter with changing themes and stories. For its first run, The Part Where focuses on stories where It All Went Wrong. As we explore later on the intimate connection to our audience, we want to break the fourth wall and create an interactive involvement to create a new experience that does not only feed their emotions but their soul.

The variations of stories we chose are relatable and we tend to seek a new take on simple stories to show the complexity of how difficult living life in the modern times is. One of the stories which is the highlight of the play deals issues about mental illness and how it can change a persons mindset. Tackling stories that are current issues are what we want to discuss to transition play watching not just as a medium of entertainment but an eye-opener as well for us to realize the value of life.

Antrosininglaya's "THE PART WHERE" is happening on March 30 (5pm & 8pm); March 31(5pm) at the Green Sun Hotel, Makati City. The show is Written and Directed by Alvin Molina. Ticket price is P300, for ticket reservation and inquiries you may message Antrosininglaya through their Facebook page, or through text at +639175713186 and look for P.

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The Green Sun Makati City
March 30, 2019 to March 31, 2019