May 12, 2018 - May 26, 2018

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Click an image to zoom. SYNTHESIS by KADIN TIU

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In her years as an artist, Kadin Tiu has always focused on painting reality; not realism, reality. There is a common confusion that painting is about realism. It is never about that. Even the cavemen of Lascaux France painted the reality and actuality of what they saw to convey the experience of seeing and not just to visually copy what they saw. If it weren’t that then art never was and never should be a language. It is about universal truths expressed in various forms of reality. Oftentimes what is being shown is not always what is being seen. There lies the disconnect between the viewer and what is being viewed. Tiu has always strived to focus on showing things for their reality. Lines, forms, movement, possibility and relationships. She is never concerned with realistic representation as it is a deterrent to seeing reality.

In this show, she took two very simple elements to create a new whole. In one of her painting sessions, she noticed the light from her window casting on one of her finished works. It was a delicate intimate and beautiful moment. Instead of painting the moment as it is, she decided to paint it for what it was – a synthesizing of two worlds: one within her canvas and one outside of it. Normally artists take elements of the outside and put them inside the canvas. Here she took it a step further by having the current documented reality within the canvas absorb an external reality which the light. But she did not paint the light as light. She painted it the way she normally approaches things – line, form, movement, possibility and relationship. Light is no longer light but another element in an already existing world within her canvas.


HUMINANG features around 60 paintings by Sulu school children, Marine soldiers stationed in the area, and 12 visual artists from Mindanao—with works that embody joyful creativity amidst conflict and human values amidst violence.

The works from the children of Sulu spring from an art workshop conducted in Luuk, Sulu by artist Mijan Jumalon during a combined medical, sports, and art-oriented mission done last February 2018. Their exuberant paintings have been molded from myths of the province and as such reveal much about the heart and identity of our brothers and sisters in the south.



Catharsis is an old method used in psychotherapy that employs a certain form of “release” of repressed emotions. It is also seen as a way of re-experiencing events In an individual’s past. Release is the outcome of an art therapy session with soldiers dealing with mental health problems at the premises of Victoriano Luna Medical Center. The session was facilitated by members of Makisining, an art group based on Mount Makiling, on November 18, 2017.

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METRO Gallery Addition Hills, 1500 San Juan del Monte
May 12, 2018 to May 26, 2018
(0917) 811 5399