January 12, 2019 at 10:00 AM

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Click an image to zoom. STRESS MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP

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Learn how to handle stress or avoid it so you can enjoy a succesful life that you really want!!!

According to the report of American Psychological Association,

“ Chronic Stress - stress that interferes with your ability to function normally over an extended period - is becoming a public health crisis. This is so very true in the Philippines as well in the other parts of the world in the recent years.

This workshop will help you manage that kind of stress and best avoid it or handle it positively so you can really enjoy your life.

Key Points!

1.  Stress Definition

2.  Identifying the Causes

3. Planning for Stress Management

How to Handle Stress

How to Overcome Stress

4. Working out the Plan

Decluttering your life

Goal Setting and Time Management

Commitment to Action

How to Immediately Stop Stressing Out

5. Discussions/ Open Forums/

Practicing for Future Stress Related Situations

Who Should Attend!

>Busy Professional people

>Entrepreneurs and Career  people

>Parents, Teenagers,

>Creatives, Artists, and more.

Ages 18 and up!

Coach Joanne Medina is the facilitator of this workshop.  Coach Joanne is the Head Coach of Starcamp Workshops and an Empowerment and Performance Coach for Kids, Teens and Adults.

She is an active TV and Theatre actor for Aldaba’s Theatre Company and one of the biggest TV network in the country as a regular guest theatre actor for its numerous television series  since 2014, she is a graduate of Wilma Galavante’s Asian Academy of TV Arts.

And  currently a band manager, choreographer, personality development trainer for Talents Crib Artist and Events Philippines and Malaysia for a decade now.  As always, her main goal for the participants is to “unleash their creative powers”.

Registration fee is P1,500 includes lunch, hand outs, and certificate of participation. AND GET A FREE ONE ON ONE CONSULTATION AFTER THE WORKSHOP.  

EARLY BIRD PRICE - P1,500 ONLY Includes Certificate, Hand out for your Reference and Continuing Development, Lunch and Snacks.

REGISTER NOW TO ENJOY EARLY BIRD PROMO!!!. Prices go up to P2,500 on Nov.16 onwards Limited slots so please hurry!

So hurry register now and treat yourself to a funfilled day and learn a new way on overcoming stress to live your happiest and healthiest life!!!  

More power to you and See you at the workshops!

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StarCamp Workshops StarCamp Studios - South Insula Condominium # 61 Timog Ave., 1103 Quezon City, Philippines
January 12, 2019
10:00 AM
(02) 929 3609/ (0917) 805 5482