Poklong Anading: Current

June 22, 2019 - August 03, 2019

C1B Karrivin Plaza, Chino Roces Ave Extension, Makati City

(02) 818 0013


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Poklong Anading’s spectrum of work ranges from video, installation, photography, drawing, and painting. Poklong Anading (Manila, 1975) studied art at the University of the Philippines and he graduated in 1999. Hence, his current show marks two decades of his practice. And it is, therefore, timely that the exhibition centers around a series he started during his final phase at art school: Line Drawing.

Line Drawing is a process-oriented project and each iteration starts as a series of lines drawn onto a surface. While walking and drawing the lines with one hand, the other hand records line being drawn. The camera thus records what is in effect performance and at the same time functions as a drawing tool just like the pencil. The resulting video also becomes a virtual drawing.

This doubling effect – of drawing by one hand and recording by the other hand what the first-hand draws – questions the power of the eye, naked or not, and the observable. Poklong indicates that to be able to ‘see’ we need to come into direct contact and we need physical interaction to make contact. And for him, drawing is an elementary gesture to establish contact.

Walking, drawing and recording himself drawing is an immersive process. He walks and walks. Perhaps he walks to find an answer to an itching question. Or perhaps he walks to find a question to an answer.

He pauses, ponders and sharpens his dulled pencil – the pencil shavings drop on the floor and gradually accumulate into a sculpture of sorts along the way where he traversed.

Through an embodied intimacy and self-reflexive presence, Poklong responds to the contingencies of his body, place and time. His hands make marks while gesturing towards and embracing of a not-knowing. The instability and fluidity of our current being in the world is signified by one constant: currents of change.

Poklong traces the rhythms, patterns and textures of the hidden structures of flows: sharing an elevator ride with strangers in silence; the city’s sewer system, which only becomes unhidden when it overflows onto the streets due to clogging; electricity penetrating walls into our households to serve us until the next black-out; waterways and gateways; service roads, fly-overs and construction sites – the relentless circular movements of our lifelines. How is energy moved through and stored in these arteries of our body and our city? 

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C1B Karrivin Plaza, Chino Roces Ave Extension, Makati City
June 22, 2019 to August 03, 2019
(02) 818 0013