PETA Summer Workshop

April 08, 2019 - May 19, 2019

PETA Theater Center, New Manila, Quezon City


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Everyone seems to be always on their toes waiting for the most fun part of the year—summer! Where deadlines are over and shorelines are closer and the thought of it makes you jump in full glee and awe. Summer is the time to unearth new things to enjoy or spice up your craft to its fullest potential!

Joining in on the fun is Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA), one of the country’s pioneer theater groups. PETA is opening up its stage during the exciting sunny days with its annual PETA’s Workshop Express coming to you this April.

Known for their fun and exciting theater arts workshops, PETA ensures you your best summer experience through activities that develop you and your inner artist. With this year’s eight (8) sets of intensive theater arts courses, every single one is bound for a summer well-spent.

Little ones ages 6-8 years old are in for a meaningful treat as they flourish their imagination and self-confidence through the art of rhythmic movement, dance, songs, games, painting, puppetry, storytelling, and role-playing done in various artistic processes.

Kids from 9 to 12 years old can also unfold the beauty of exploring through music, visual arts, writing poetry and short stories, storytelling, drama improvisation that leaves no space for boredom as this will be coupled with fun-filled games and activities.

With PETA’s one-of-a-kind Integrated Theater Arts approach, teens ranging from 13-17 years old— in their phase of seeking daring ventures, go through creative drama, sound and music, creative writing, body movement and dance, and visual arts assuring them the fulfillment of their heart’s content.

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PETA Theater Center, New Manila, Quezon City
April 08, 2019 to May 19, 2019