Negotiating For Results (Online Classroom)

April 15, 2021 - April 16, 2021

Manila, Philippines


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Learn a different approach to negotiating - one that produces results! Sign up today and become a better negotiator anywhere, everywhere.

The art of Negotiating has been thought of as a skill reserved only for those doing sales or procurement. However, the truth is that everyone negotiates more than we make think we do. We negotiate with our bosses, our colleagues, our staff, and pretty much everyone we work with. We negotiate because we need to drive results. This two-session course is founded upon the concept of principles-based negotiations and helps the participant learn the skill and art of negotiations through actual hands-on exercises in negotiating. Participants are immersed in various simulation activities that mimic various negotiation scenarios that professionals deal with on a regular basis.

This course is delivered as an online classroom plus offline work to maximize learning without the need to be physically present.

At the end of this course, participants should be able to

-Describe the concept of Principle-based Negotiations

-Perform Principle-based Negotiations in various scenarios

-Apply and respond to various negotiation techniques taught in this course

Course Outline

Session 1


-Negotiation is both an Art and Science

Why can't I negotiate well?

-The Problem with Positions

-Principle-based versus Position-based Negotiations

Principle Based Negotiations

-Online Fishbowl Activity: The Rent

-Separate People from the Problem

-Online Fishbowl Activity: The Job Offer

-Focus on Interests, not Positions

-Online Fishbowl Activity: Selling the Kitchen Sink


-Identifying Interests

Session 2

-Generate Options

-Online Fishbowl Activity: Cubicle Mates

-Use Objective Criteria

What if they are more powerful at negotiating?

-Online Fishbowl Activity: Hostile Takeover

-Developing your BATNA

What if they won't play?

-Negotiation Jiu-jitsu

-The one-text procedure

-Online Fishbowl Activity: Team-based Negotiation

Negotiation (dirty) Tricks and Techniques

Wrap up and closure


-Identifying BATNA

Course Duration

-2 days (1 three-hour online session per day plus individual assignments)

Course Prerequisites

-Participants must have stable access to the internet (preferably via DSL connection or better)

-Participants must have access to the internet through a desktop or laptop computer. The use of handheld devices such as mobile phones/tablets might impede the ability to participate effectively.

Delivery Methodologies

-Online Lecture and Discussion

-Individual Assignments

This course is recommended for

-Supervisors and Managers

-Customer Service Employees

-People who have high levels of people interaction

-Business Leaders, Executives, Professionals

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Manila, Philippines
April 15, 2021 to April 16, 2021