Magni Aestimo: An Art Exhibit by Gil Maningo

September 09, 2020 - September 20, 2020

Pedro Gil St, Ermita, Manila


Click an image to zoom. Magni Aestimo: An Art Exhibit by Gil Maningo

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Digital Exhibition

About the Artist:

A modern renaissance man from Cebu, Gil is a Photographer, Composer, Singer, Actor, and visual artist. He finished Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines and gained direction and confidence to pursue the visual arts from his respected friends and mentors such as National Artist Jose Joya, Professor Martino Abellana, and Jeff T. Dizon.

A perfectionist in every craft he chooses to practice, Gil has won numerous awards for photography and music. He even staged a very successful art exhibition with New York-based Alfonso Ompod, Jr. at the Philippine Center on Fifth Avenue, NY.

Creating Something Precious Gil delivers breathtaking works of art that mesmerizes the observer. Treasure in its true sense is something that anyone deems precious. In each of Gil’s creation lies nuances of a multitude of gems polished from his experiences, stories, dedication, and most of all belief.

Every artwork Gil creates is a Trove. He carefully and painstakingly composes an artwork, investing time, patience, materials, knowledge and emotions, and even his health in each and every piece he completes.

An artist sacrifices for the sake of art. Michelangelo lost his sight and Vincent Van Gogh lost his sanity in a quest to create immortal masterpieces. Like these legendary masters, Gil risks his health for the sake of art, he deals with mediums that can be poisonous, such as gold dust and lacquer thinners.

“In the end, it is discovering the fragility and vulnerability of life is what makes something loved.”

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Pedro Gil St, Ermita, Manila
September 09, 2020 to September 20, 2020