July 18, 2019 - July 22, 2019

Atok-Kabayan-Bokod, Benguet


Click an image to zoom. LUZON 321 TRILOGY TIMBAK-TABAYOK-PULAG

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Final details and itinerary..


Atok-Kabayan-Bokod, Benguet

Initial entry point: KM. 55 Halsema Highway (Timbac)

Final exit point: Visitors' Center, Ambangeg (Pulag)

LLA: 2717 MASL (Timbak); 2842 MASL (Tabayoc); 2922 (Pulag)

Days required: 4-5 days

Specs: Multi-mountain climb, Difficulty 6/9, Trail class 1-4

Features: Highland villages (Tim), Mossy and lake Forests (Tab, Pul), Highest peaks in Luzon

Mt. Timbak

Mt. Tabayoc

Mt. Pulag/akiki-Ambangeg


Day 0 july 17

Optional time in between early morning to 9pm should be in manila then  take bus from Manila to Baguio

Day 1 july 18 climb proper.

2:00 am ETA Baguio victory liner terminal for breakfast + transpo pick up????????????

3:00 am ETA Head to Mt. Timbak??????

5:30 am ETA Highest Point of Phil. Highway System (halsema) ????????????

0600 Arrival at Timbak Elementary School????????????

0610 Start trek????????????

0700 Mt. Timbak Summit.??????

0730 Start descent

0800 Back at Elementary School

1200 Arrival at Brgy. Ballay, Kabayan, Benguet/lunch and pitch tent for lake tabeo camp????????????????????????????????

01:30pm start trek up to Mt. Tabayoc????????

03:30pm Eta mt. tabayoc ledge wooden flatform summit ?????? view 360 over mt. Pulag and mt. Al-al tawangan

06:00pm Eta camp. @ lake tabeo

dinner socials free dinner igorot style.. ????????????

10:00pm lights out????????????

Day july 19

03:00 am wake up call.

04:00 am Breakfast????????

05:00 am transpo going up Pulag via akiki

06:00 am Arrival @ akiki ranger station. Sign up and permit issueance

07:00 am  start trekk???????????? passing edet camp river bridge???

Lunch along the pine forest trail????????????

If we can push and leave the marlboro camp by lunch we will be at saddle camp. Akiki by 6pm 30 min to summit of mt. Pulag

6:00 saddle camp akiki prep overnight camp????????????????????

07:00 am dinner socials????????????????????

10:00 lights off????????????????

Day 4 july 20

3:00 am Wake-up call

4:00 am Assault summit mt. Pulag??????

4:30 Mt. Pulag Summit / Sunrise viewing...

Sea of clouds

6:00 Back to campsite / Breakfast / Break camp??????????????????????

09:00 ETA Start Descent going ambangeg ranger st.

11:00 ETA Ranger Station

12:00 ETA Ambangeg, DENR (Log-out)

12:30 ETD Ambangeg / Lunch along the way

03:00 Back in Baguio city side trip

we will have a night market????????????????????

Street food????????????

Teachers camp

Baguio city night life..????????????????

La trinidad the following day????????????????????

Mines view park???????????????

Botanical garden????????????

City tour.. ????????????????????????????????

Pls take note..

Safe date to travel is july 17 as late as 7pm in NAIA so that we can leave manila by 10:00pm via van transpo straight to baguio

On... It is also optional if you go ahead to baguio..

Registration fee is 3600php

Inclusions are the ff.

???? Free transpo manila baguio vice versa (optional not included)

????Transpo monster jeep baguio pulag vice versa

????????????Free dinner on lake tabeo

Guide fee

National Park fee

camping fee on all camps

Custom made for the event headware

Climb cert.


Things to bring..

Carry light packing

Backpack with rain cover

3 to 4 season tent

Good hiking shoes

Thermal clothing

Gloves and bonnet wool socks

First aid kit with thermal blanket

5 meal allowance

Extra Money

Extra clothing

Camping cookset in good condtion stove

Meal kit

Thrash bag personal not in group..

For registration you may call or text carlo prockie genovia/fb 09217635466 - rachelle olasiman

More info and details inquiry best option travel info..

Luzon based joiners are welcome

Discounted on transpo details assure baguio meet up..

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Atok-Kabayan-Bokod, Benguet
July 18, 2019 to July 22, 2019