HR 101: Training and Development Online

May 27, 2020

Manila, Philippines

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HR 101: Training and Development Online

Course Outline:

1. Workforce Planning

1.1 Job Analysis  and Classifications

      a. Core  and Non-core

      b. Individual Contributor, Specialist,  Management and Executives

      c. Five Functional  Areas of the Organization

      d. Deliverables, Operational and Supports

      e. Challenges

1.2 HR Score Cards in relations to BSC

      a. Attrition  Rate

      b. Absenteeism, Tardiness and average weekly working hours

      c. Velocity of Placement

      d. Support staff versus Operations staff

      e. Cost of Replacement

      f. HR Transactions Fulfillment Rate

2. Acquisition

2.1 Sources of Applicants

      a. Traditional

      b. Non-Traditional

2.2 Employee Branding/Marketing

      a. Benefits & Compensation

      b. Culture

      c. Employee Testimonials

      d. On-line reputation

2.3 Selection Tools

      a. Online Testing – Logical Reasoning and Critical Analytical Thinking

      b. Profile – Job and Applicant

      c. Behavioral Analysis Interview

      d. Technical Panel Interview

2.4 Background Investigations “Gate Keeping”

      a. Government Clearances

      b. Authenticated/Notarized Employment Certificate

      c. Social media e.g. FB, Linked-in, Pinterest ,Google +

2.5 Orientation Programs

      a. Duties and Responsibilities

      b. Table of Organization –Positional

      c. Handbook       d. Welcome Kit

      e. Essential Employee Process

      f. Statutory Benefits

3. Retention

3.1 Employee welfare

      a. Company Handbook

      b. Due Process

      c. Diminution of Benefits

      d. Benefits, Incentives and Reward

      e. Career Track

      f. Wellness – Health and Sports

4. Development

4.1 Training need assessment – Individual Development Plans

4.2 Coaching for Technical Skills

4.3 Mentoring for Soft and Leadership skills

4.4 On-line Training , Trade Organization and In-house Training

5. Separations

5.1 Personal Records

      a. Data Protection Act

      b. Permission from personnel

      c. Sketch of residential address

      d. Contact details : Permanent Address

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Manila, Philippines
May 27, 2020
8546 5467 | 8546 6024