GoWell Cycling

June 16, 2017

Saddle Row, 2/F Serendra, 11th Ave, BGC, The Fort, Taguig


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We are excited to be part of your fitness journey. Here are few reminders to get you started :


Sign your name in the GoWell Attendance Sheet.


Drink up! The key to a healthy body is staying hydrated. Make sure you take lots of water before, during, and after the workout.


We recommend taking a light snack 60 minutes  before your class.


Wear comfortable workout clothes (tank or a tee) and fitted pants or shorts. If you are attending a rowing class, please make sure you are ready with a pair of gym shoes (i.e. sneakers, rubber shoes etc).


ARRIVE EARLY. – Come in at least 15 minutes before your class schedule so we can help you get settled in. Please inform the front desk if you’re a first-timer so we can set you up on your bike or erg.

SIGN IN – Don’t forget to sign in on the log-sheet before you start class so you can claim your slot immediately. If you are not signed in 5 minutes before class, you’re bike/ erg may be released.

BEFORE CLASS – Please make sure you have a bottle of water to stay continuously hydrated and a small towel to wipe off your sweat throughout the duration of the class. We have water dispensers available at the studio. In case you do forget, as well as bottled waters or small towels for sale.

SHOES – For cycling classes, we provide you with shoes so you just have to bring your socks. Yes, you clip on the bike! Clipping provides a more stable and safer ride. Moreover, it allows you to target correct muscle groups more effectively. You also have the option to bring your own cycling shoes. For reference, we use Shimano SPD SL Road pedals. For rowing classes, please be sure that you are ready with a pair of gym shoes (ie. rubber shoes, sneakers, or the like)

LOCKERS – We provide you with digital lockers where you can safely leave your things. If you have oversized bags, we have overhead bins for your use.

SHOWERS – We  do have showers available but please bring a towel and the necessary toiletries for yourself.

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Saddle Row, 2/F Serendra, 11th Ave, BGC, The Fort, Taguig
June 16, 2017