GIS for Urban Resilience Bootcamp

June 03, 2020

Manila Philippines


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The GIS for Urban Resilience Bootcamp will provide the participants with the practical skills to prepare, manipulate and create GIS-RS visual displays of data and information that are most relevant to urban resilience and disaster risk management, using free open-source software and tools.  Using GIS-RS examples and exercises, participants will build risk management and emergency planning applications through display and analysis of spatial data, satellite data, open-source data, and publicly available GIS tools.  Participants will build an understanding of hazard, vulnerability, and risk in the spatial framework of cities.

Upon completion of the course, the participants will learn:

1) Basic concepts of Urban Resilience

2) How GIS and RS can be useful in building urban resilience

3) The power of open-source data and tools for building urban resilience

4) Installing, setting up and navigating through QGIS software

5) Components of GIS, common GIS data formats & types

6) Data conversion, topological correction and geoprocessing tools of QGIS

7) Map projection systems and different elements of a map

8) Various Remote Sensing Image repositories and its use in Disaster Risk Management

9) Geospatial Exposure Database creation and management techniques using open source tools (PostGIS & PgAdmin)

10) Evaluating spatial data requirements in disaster risk management

11) Utilizing GIS and RS capabilities for improving disaster informed decision making and planning.

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Manila Philippines
June 03, 2020