May 25, 2019

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Click an image to zoom. FULL AND FILLED: A MOM CONFERENCE

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Motherhood is a joyful, heartwarming, and precious season in the life of a woman. But while there is inexplicable joy in this season, the reality is that the role of a mother takes a lot of work. And often, in the midst of our piling to-do lists and growing number of priorities. we forget that we are too, just like anyone else, in need of nurturing and filling in of tanks.

This May, join us as we celebrate our season and one of the most important assignments in our lifetime, called MOTHERHOOD. And for us, there is no better way to celebrate this season but be surrounded with fellow mothers like us, learn from each other, talk about real-life struggles, stories, and exchange notes with each other. Sit down, take this this as your time off, enjoy the story telling, finding new mom friendships, and connecting with other moms and to-be moms.

Throw out all the mom labels that you know of, come as you are - whether you are a full time mother, an expectant one, a working mother, a mompreneur, a stay-at-home mother,  or what have you. If you are a mother,  this is certainly for YOU!

The following speakers will talk about the following topics:

1. Motherhood: Our Season and Transition by Cass Brion

Cass talks about embracing our season as mothers and our special calling to serve our families — to be present for them, to support our husbands and save our marriages; to nurture our kids and save our children— which in turn in turn save lives, churches, our own nation and soon, our world. Everything starts in the home.

2. Mom Decision Making by Donna Cepe

As a new mom who went through the dilemma of whether to continue her growing career in the corporate world or to be a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom), Donna proposes that moms go through a "new mom crisis" and presents ways on how to overcome it.  

- Getting lost in the a-MAZE-ing journey of motherhood  

- Finding the Mom at Peace (MAP) in you: Making better decisions amidst the joys and challenges of motherhood    

3. Motherhood: The Harmonizing Act (Managing our time as mothers) by Kathrina Tan

Identifying, accepting, and joyfully embracing each of our family's unique journey and circumstances as essential steps to harmonizing our priorities and roles as mothers. Kath shares practical ideas that moms can take to help manage their time more effectively:

- Setting priorities inside the home & family.

- Recognizing what you are unable to do that is essential to good parenting.

- Understanding the everyday ministry of motherhood.

4. The Rainbow of Emotions and Managing Mom Stress by Aileen Ang

Aileen talks about the emotions that mothers go through and constructive ways to conquer these feelings.

- Identifying activating events, belief and consequences that causes pressure to mothers.

- Demonstrate the ability to enhance or develop constructive thoughts.

- Learn different techniques in addressing common emotions that mothers go through in various seasons

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Work/With PH 11th Avenue, 1634 Taguig
May 25, 2019