Foundations To Movement: IASTM. Taping. Cupping

September 21, 2019 - September 22, 2019

Manila, Philippines


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Foundations To Movement - Level 1 IASTM & Functional Movement

M2T-Blade {IASTM Treatment}

Vigor Tape - Kinesiology Taping

MobilityPODS - Functional Chinese Cupping

Note: Register On or before August 30, 2019 and receive free Custom Upgraded tool which includes colour choice and personal engraving

Featuring: M2T-Blade Level 1 Certification, Vigor Kinetic Tape Certification, and the highly anticipated MobiltyPODS - Functional Chinese Cupping.

3 International Certifications, 2 Intensive Days, 1 Better You!

Our world is based on movement, progression, and learning. Since being a child, our goal is to move, learn and grow. As adults, to have a healthy and happy lifestyle our goal is to keep that mobility intake and greatly improve it. With this two-day intensive course you will learn the exact process from assessment, treatment, and applying a corrective care program to help your clients become successful and live a better life while moving better!

Want to see the results of the 10,000+ practitioners from around the world? Simply go to instagram and lookup the hashtag #m2tblade - here you will see the results from registrants like yourself learning the fundamentals and our core values to help your clients move better and live an extraordinary life they deserve to live

In this two-day intensive course, we have brought you 3 highly anticipated certifications which include M2T-Blade, Vigor Kinetic Tape, and MobilityPODS

Highlights of this certification:

- Functional Assessment and fascial line patterns

- M2T-Blade Assessment and Treatment

- Kinesiology Tape Applications

- Functional Chinese Cupping with MobilityPODS

- Corrective Care Application and treatment integration

Who is our Foundation To Movement program for?

This program is for Physical Therapist, Doctors, Personal Trainers, Coaches, and Students that want to learn the fundamental basics of M2T-Blade, Taping, and MobilityPODS to help their clients improve their lives while growing their personal practice and brand.

At the end of this 2-day intensive training, Registrants will be able to complete a thorough functional assessment and provide an effective M2T-Blade treatment combined with Functional Chinese Cupping Taping, and our patented corrective exercises.

Certificates Awarded at the end of this weekend:

- Functional IASTM Practitioner - M2T-Blade Level 1

- MobilityPODS Functional Chinese Cupping Practitioner Level 1

- Vigor Kinetic Tape Practitioner Level 1

Course Outline

Time Schedule of the Training: (16-hour Training)

Day 1

Objective – Assessment, Physiology, Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy.

9:00 – Functional Assessment, Anatomy

10:00 – Muscle Testing: Physiology, Introduction

11:00 – Orthopedic Evaluation and Assessment


1:00 – Introduction to IASTM

1:30 –  IASTM and Muscle Testing – Pre, Post  

2:30 –  Lower Limb Anatomy, treatment, and overview

4:00 – 5:00 -  Upper Limb Anatomy, treatment, and overview  

Day 2

9:00–  Kinesiology Tape Application, Theory & Therapeutic Exercise Selection  

10:00 – Lower Limb Anatomy, treatment, and overview

11:00-  Upper Limb Anatomy, treatment, and overview  


1:00 - MobilityPODS - Functional Chinese Cupping - Overview and Application

2:00 – 3:30 - Applications

3:30-5:00 – Functional Exercise Prescription and Advanced Functional Assessment Protocols

5:00 - Practicals & Certification

Cost Inclusive of:

- 16 hours Theoretical / Intense Practical teaching hours

- Pre-course reference

- Book

- Manual

- 2 rolls of Vigor Kinetic Tape

- M2T-Blade IASTM Tool

- 16 pieces MobilityPODS

- Certificates

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Manila, Philippines
September 21, 2019 to September 22, 2019