Discovery Seminar

June 17, 2017 - June 18, 2017

Del Rosario Law Centre 10/F, 20th Drive corner 21st Drive, BGC, Taguig


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EVENT #: 4102


Discovery is a two-day weekend experiential course designed to reveal the belief systems or reasons that are preventing you from creating the life that you want.

Whether you are seeking better health, loving relationships, more money, or a more meaningful life, you will see results in this course, GUARANTEED.

You will have the tools to:

-Expand your wealth consciousness and increase your income with the least effort

-Develop healthy and fulfilling family/work relationships

-Connect to people and grow your client base

-Face your fears and decrease procrastination

-Produce better, longer and lasting results, regardless of your situation

-Have the courage to offer and receive feedback between family members, peers, colleagues, mentors, managers, and clients

-Develop a “win-win” mindset

-Hold yourself accountable for your own success instead of being a victim to circumstances by clearing your BAGS - blame, anger, guilt and shame

-Increase your level of self- love, which leads to compassion for yourself and others

After the course, you will see yourself, others and the circumstances in your life in an entirely new light, and that you have the power to spell that difference in your life!

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Del Rosario Law Centre 10/F, 20th Drive corner 21st Drive, BGC, Taguig
June 17, 2017 to June 18, 2017