Dashboarding and Management Reporting in MS Excel

May 25, 2020 - May 27, 2020

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If you are not yet using Power BI, the next best thing to learn is Dashboarding in Excel. Drive your business through visualization in Excel

Why do we need to learn Dashboarding in Excel?

Excel is readily available in most desktops and laptops however only a few have discovered its immense capabilities in reporting. You might be surprised that you already know some of the topics but just needed a few more skills to create a dashboard. Another reason to learn dashboarding is you become an Advanced Excel user as well. You will learn excel tables, pivot tables, then to charting and dashboarding.

Dashboarding in Excel is not hard to learn, some find it fun and fulfilling. Saving tons of time in reporting is truly rewarding.

How many times you have to stay back in the office because you are still finishing a report?  And how many nights and weekends you have lost because reports need to be submitted on time?

I have high respect for everyone who works hard but sometimes we have to work smart, with tools already in our hands. Excel can do it all for us, you heard it right, Excel-the lowly and underrated tool everyone is familiar with.

If we are creating reports regularly and submitting it same time each month, is there a way to cut back time in creating the same report? The answer is, "Yes", In Excel, we create a report template and dashboard only once then each month we just add the current data, click refresh and off you go. We do not need to create the same report every month.

To achieve this, there are certain techniques and features in Excel that we have to apply in combination that this course covers.

Excel helped me in a lot of ways. I am an accountant/analyst for 2 decades and Excel is the only tool I can't live without.

Come and join us in this 3-day training that will supercharge your reporting and analysis skills that will set you a world of opportunities in this visualization age of business analysis. Let this training helps you to become the Excel Dashboard expert in your organization.

Course Outline:


II.Dashboard Design

III.Planning your Dashboard

IV.   Identifying and creating own Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

V.Preparing your Data in Tabular Format

VI.Excel Tables - Growing your Data for More Analysis

VII. Lookup Formulas

VIII.  PivotTables

IX.Pivot Charts

X. Automating your Dashboard – making it Dynamic

XI. Everything About Slicers

XII. Workshop – creating your own Dashboard

Who Should Attend?

Business professionals, analysts, accountants, HR practitioners, sales champions, marketing gurus and entrepreneurs who have basic working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and anyone who wishes to acquire more knowledge about dashboarding and reporting in Excel.

Who will facilitate the training?

Cyrus Persia is a CPA in the Philippines and he will facilitate the training.

Cyrus has over 20 years’ experience in auditing, financial analysis and management reporting. He started his career as an auditor in one of the Big 4 auditing firms. He then worked as a financial analyst in various multinational companies in the Philippines and the last decade was spent working overseas in large multinational companies in senior analyst roles.

He has experience working in the business of FMCG, Oil, and Gas, Shared Services, Technology & Telecommunications, Project Management, Consultancy, and NFP Organization.

He is also a regular resource speaker at the Philippine Institute of CPAs (PICPA) delivering training on MS Excel to fellow CPAs.


Certificate of Completion

Work Files with relevant business application

Please use Excel 2010 or later.

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Joy Nostalg Hotel & Suites Manila Managed by AccorHotels 17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, 1600 Pasig
May 25, 2020 to May 27, 2020