Coffee Shop Business Operation and Barista Training

March 05, 2021 at 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

#9 Anonas Rd., Project 3, Quezon City


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Coffee Shop Business Operation and Barista Training

The Golden Treasure Skills and Development Program (GTSDP) will conduct a one-day seminar on how to put up and operate your own coffee shop business. The seminar will focus on the basic knowledge about coffee and hands-on application in making coffee concoctions such as cappuccino, latte's cafe, mochas, americano, iced coffee, etc. Also, the seminar will tackle details on how to open and operate a coffee shop.

At the seminar, participants will learn and will have an actual demo on how to create a perfect shot of espresso by using the espresso machine. The participants will have hands-on experience on how to use and operate the espresso machine. Students will learn how to steamed and foamed milk using the steaming wand. They will also learn the guidelines on how to add flavor syrups and their right measurement in order to deliver or create a good cup of coffee.

Participants will know the important details that they have to know if they would want to venture into the coffee shop business. The details in the business side aspect of the seminar topics to be discussed are knowledge in setting up a coffee shop and how much is the capital requirement either home-based or a simple shop.

Participants will also learn the overview of a coffee shop, like how much is the break-even sales, the feasibility studies and target market, safety, and sanitation, familiarity with barista tools, equipment, utensils to be used, ingredients, and many more.

Also, other topics to be discussed are sourcing of materials and costing per ingredient and inventory.

The registration fee is inclusive of Lunch, Snacks, hand-outs, and materials for hands-on.

Seminar fee inclusions:

- Certificate

- Handout

- Materials/ingredients

- Lunch and PM snacks

*Limited to 12 participants only*

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#9 Anonas Rd., Project 3, Quezon City
March 05, 2021
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM